"Hoshi no Umareru Tokoro"
(The Place Where the Planets Were Born)
Production: 3/1/05
"La Renaissance des Planètes"
(The Rebirth of Planets)
"So Long Sonic"

This episode was totally butchered, as was expected...*sigh*
I only wish 4kids didn't do this, because I wanted to see this full episode in the dub.

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- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; this episode is 24:05 long]):

6/16:20 - The Planet Eggs are shooting back through space with the Crimson Egg in the background

- A 56 second "Last time on Sonic X" is added. Oddly enough, the dub preview shows two scenes cut from the dub 77, which was of Vector talking before Tails asks to be left alone, and Tails beginning to cry as he struggles with firing the Sonic Driver.

- Since the whole episode has been hacked and scrambled all over the place, this comparison may seem out of order.

- ...223 second cut (3 minutes, 43 seconds)...
> Zoom into the Chaotix residence from out in space. The doorbell rings, and Vector tells Charmy to answer the phone. Charmy says it's not the phone but the doorbell. He answers it, and it's Vanilla. Vector pushes Charmy out of the way and introduces himself, even though Vanilla already knows who he is. The sign on the Chaotix Office reads "We've left for space! New Chaotix detectives" ("Uchuu ni mo de kake masu! Nyuu Kaotikusu tantei")

> [doorbell sounding twice wakes Vector up]
> Vector: "So annoying! Charmy, telephone!"
> Charmy: "It's not the phone, it's the doorbell!"
> Vector: "No matter what it is, answer it!"
> Charmy: "Geez...why can't you answer it yourself?"
> Vector: "If it's a newspaper, we don't want it!"
> Charmy: "For a detective, that's a bad idea...you need to keep current with events..."
> [doorbell rings again]
> Charmy: "Yes, who is it?"

> [door opens to Vanilla]
> Vanilla: "Hello!"
> Charmy: "Uh..."
> [Vector pushes Charmy out of the way]
> Vector [speaking overly-polite Japanese]: "I welcome you [to our house]. I am Vector."
> Vanilla: "Yes, I know..."

> [outside the Detective Office, the Chaotix are eating food that Vanilla has brought]
> Vanilla: "Thank you so much for everything."
> Vector: "Not a big deal, that's our job!"
> Espio: "Your flirting is disgusting."

> Charmy: "Mama-san's cake is the best!" [the Chaotix never address Vanilla with her name]
> Vanilla: "I brought plenty, so feel free to help yourself."
> Espio: "Thank you!"
> Charmy: "We don't have to worry about our expenses for food!"
> Vector: "Don't be discussing that!"
> Charmy: "Since we returned home we haven't had any clients. Rebuilding our office left us in debt. We're in a big financial pinch!"
> Vanilla: "Um, I'll bring something better to eat next time."
> Espio: "Thank you! I humbly accept your offer!"
> Vanilla: "Y-yes..."
> Charmy: "Espio, your character is wrong!" [as in he's not acting normally]

> [scene change to Vector walking with Vanilla through the forest]
> Vector: "Yeah, your cake is the greatest."
> Vanilla: "Thank you so much. Because you're happy about it, it was worth the trouble of baking it."
> Vector: "I had some of Cream's cake before. Now I know why it's so delicious. Mama-san is such a good teacher!"
> Vanilla: "Vector-san, you're such a flatterer. I understand now. Cream has been making cakes and sweets every day. She must be happy from receiving everyone's compliments."
> Vector: "Every day...?"
> Vanilla: "Yes, every day."
> Vector: "That...since coming home, how has everyone been doing?"
> Vanilla: "Always the same."
> [the title card actually appears after this scene]

> [Cream, Cheese, and Amy are walking in an open area, carrying boxes/bowls]
> Cheese: "Mama and I baked this cake today, and she took some to Vector-san-tachi today."
> Amy: "Eh? Isn't it a waste for them?"
> Cream: "And you, Amy-san?"
> Amy: "Here!"
> Cream: "Apple pie! It looks delicious!"
> Amy: "This is Ella's special recipe. It's pretty good, right?"
> Cream: "With this many sweets, Tails is going to get fat."
> Amy: "Maybe. And he won't be able to fly."
> [Cheese makes some noises]
> Amy: "What?"
> Cream: "In that case, Cheese wants a race."
> Amy: "Is that so? Cheese will definitely win."
> [Cheese makes happy noises]
> Amy: "After eating this delicious food, he'll have to exercise. He'll need to run and fly around."
> Cream: "And that will cheer him up?"
> Amy: "It will."

- 17 second cut of Amy and Cream arriving with the food for Tails.

- 3 second cut of a drawing of Vanilla and Vector with a heart above it. The placement of this cut is right before the shot of Charmy with a white paintbrush and Vector looking angry.

- 3 second cut of a tree blowing in the wind. This is right after the shot of Rouge looking at Knuckles sleeping and flying away.

- Right after the above cut and a short shot of Sonic running, there's 6 second cut of the scene growing white; the dub begins its episode with the next scene: The flashback to the events right after Episode 77 ended.

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