"Kimi no Tameni Dekiru Koto"
(For Your Sake, I Can Do It)
Production: 2/20/05
"Cosmo à l'Oeuvre"
(Cosmo's Work)
"A Fearless Friend"

It's just horrible how this episode was handled, and we all knew it was going to happen.
But...what about Episode 76's Next Episode Preview for 77? It looked good.
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- A 33 second "Last time on Sonic X" segment is added. Of note, a scene where Sonic dodges sand monsters, cut from the last episode, is here in this "last time" segment.

- The "omg it's a flashback" border is inserted into the "Baby Cosmo" flashback.

- Cosmo's red gem shines when it didn't in the original.

- A funny line in the original: Cream says "Mr. Chaos Emerald died?" (Cream likes to say inanimate objects died; e.g. "Mr. Television died!" in Episode 8). Dub Cream just goes "Those poor Chaos Emeralds, all their power is gone!"

- 4kids adds slight "ear-piercing" SFX when the purple draining-waves move out from the planet

- 12 second cut of Bokkun saying he doesn't feel good, then Bocoe saying even their robot energy is draining, then Decoe saying "It's no use!"

- 6 second cut of Cosmo climbing and saying "I'm friends with everyone!" while super-imposed shots move on and offscreen.

- 17 second cut of various peoples/tribes from previous planets dealing with vegetation going out of control while Cosmo says "Everyone does their own thing to survive, and even though it can bring chaos, we all will get along eventually"

- In this episode 4kids has Dark Oak's first line as a robot-voice then suddenly drops Dark Oak's robot voice and goes to Lucus' regular voice.

- 4kids adds different SFX when the red wave pulses out from the planet.

- When the vine grabs Cosmo and slams her into the side of the Crimson Egg, a few frames of her hitting the ship are replaced with a white background.

- When the Chaos Emeralds slip out of Cosmo's little white "bag", 4kids adds weird "shining" SFX. Also, the original SFX of rocks clanking against each other is gone.

- When Shadow flashes back to Molly, a panning shot of her gravestone is replaced with a shot of her leaving in her ship.

- Originally after saying that Decoe and Bocoe had bombs inside of them, he said he was joking, but in the dub he says the explosions wouldn't be enough.

- Tails originally says they have 163 power rings left that they can give energy to the Sonic Driver with, but the dub doesn't mention this.

- When Cosmo breaks her red gem, she begins to grow/mature. 4kids cuts out a part where Cosmo's breasts grow, and replaces it with the same shot we saw two seconds ago, Cosmo's waist/butt growing (yes, it plays twice).

- 1 second cut...In anime, it's a cliche that when something amazing happens/someone appears, the camera moves/pans up to the target once really fast, then once again slower, then a final time the slowest. The pan in question is of Cosmo's adult form. 4kids removes the first two pans, leaving only one.

- When Cosmo has transformed into a tree, dub Hertia talks (saying Cosmo has transformed and has the power to stop Dark Oak), but there's no dialogue in the original.

- 61 second cut (1 minute, 1 second)...Amy saying "Cosmo...", Vector saying "That girl...will die?", Bokkun going "Eggman-sama", and Eggman saying "If we try to remove them from each other [Cosmo and the planet], then the planet will explode will all the energy he has...Anyway, the day she became an adult she was going to die...its her and her species' fate", Charmy going "It's not true! It's not true, right?!" Knuckles going "I don't want it to end like this! There must be a way to save Cosmo and destroy Dark Oak! Chris!", and Chris crying "I'm sorry...", Knuckles continuing "Hey, what's with you guys?! Cosmo's going to die! HEY, TAILS!" (Tails gasps when he says she's going to die), Rouge going "That's enough (or "Stop it")! You're so rude, aren't you?! We all feel the same about this!", then Tails going "Everyone...can you leave? I need to be alone..."

- Right after Tails tells everyone to leave, a three-second cut of a tear hitting the ground is cut.

- After the "scope" of the Sonic Drive console comes up (Tails' eyes closed), an 8-second cut of a pan of Tails in an empty control room. This was cut because the dialogue and part where Tails tells everyone to leave was cut.

- Right after Super Sonic enters the Sonic Driver, a six-second cut of a close pan of everyone who has left the control room watching. This might be cut because we see Rouge's bosom again.

- Originally the scene before and after the Sonic Driver is prepared has no music. 4kids just keeps on with their happy music, ruining the mood.

- A cool sound effect when Super Shadow appears in the Sonic Driver is removed. Right after this, a super-cool sound effect caused by Super Sonic and Super Shadow bouncing around in the Sonic Driver is replaced with usual techno music.

- 28 second cut...4kids commits heresy by removing a horribly emotional scene with Tails strugging to fire, then banging his head and his fist on the console. During this, he says "As I thought (or "After all"), I can't do it...no...because...wasn't it a promise? When all this was over, you said you would come with me!"

- Cosmo originally tells Tails that "Until the last, I've given you problems...sorry.", and Tails going "Cosmo...you never gave me problems!" Dub Cosmo just goes on about it being the only way to save the galaxy, Dub Tails saying he trusts her and saying she means a lot to him and doesn't want to lose her.

- 11 second cut...another emotional scene removed. Cosmo says "Tails-san...I want you to shoot me!", the Sonic Driver powering up more, Tails saying "It's no use!" and closing the cover on the button.

- Dub Cosmo says Tails will spread the seeds of her clan throughout the galaxy. What is this? A sexual reference? Originally there is no dialogue here.

- A bunch of flashbacks are all messed up.

- Cosmo being bounced on the net in Episode 56
- Tails holding an unconcious Cosmo, I think from Episode 62
- Cosmo at Cream's house talking to everyone in Episode 54
- Cosmo talking to Tails underground in Episode 62

- Cosmo bandaging Tails' head from Episode 62
- Cosmo and Tails watching the sun/moon from the end of Episode 69
- Chris pointing out a planet on the radar in Episode 55
- Cosmo picking up the Planet Egg [after being tricked once] in the jungle in Episode 58
- Sonic and Cosmo looking at new life growing on the Ice Planet in Episode 57
- Cosmo and Tails watching the sun/moon from a different angle at the end of Episode 69

- During the flashbacks, Dub Tails says Cosmo's seeds will find a new home.

- 8 second cut of a shot of Eggman and Tails crying out "Cosmo...I...to you!" right before the Cosmo flashbacks.

Another set of flashbacks in the original after the above note (the dub is just one continuous string of flasbacks):
- Cosmo talking to Tails from Episode 65
- Cosmo going to leave from Episode 74
- Cosmo and Tails watching the sun/moon from the end of Episode 69

> Because all of these flashbacks were there in the original and dub versions of their respective episodes, there's really no point to making screencaps of them.

- Because of all the cuts, flashbacks, additons and junk, the dub ends up having 2 seconds added over the original.

- The dub has a scene in which Tails opens the cap to the firing button and pushes that button, causing the Sonic Driver to fire. Why am I noting this? Because the dub already opened it! Due to the cut of Tails closing the cap to the firing button (see above), the dub opens the cap twice.

- During the flashbacks and for the rest of the episode, "Hikaru Michi" (The Shining Road) is playing, but 4kids' dub music continues on. Also, 4kids adds SFX for when the Super-blast is fired from the Sonic Driver, and when the Sonic Driver crumbles. In the original, nothing but Hikaru Michi.

- 4 second cut...another heretical act when 4kids cuts out Tails crying/screaming SILENTY (Hikaru Michi is the only audible thing at this point)

- 45 second cut...Cosmo and Tails on a white background. Cosmo says "Tails-san...thank you...", the "scene" rotates around to Tails, who says "I won't forget you!", Cosmo goes "Yeah...we had fun, no? Why is this? Right now all I see are everyone's smiling faces...", Tails goes "Cosmo...", Cosmo goes "Tails-san...", and then a petal scene transition.

- The very end of the episode with Cosmo twirling/rotating back off into the distance is reversed in the dub, and it looks like Cosmo is flying towards the camera. Dub Cosmo goes "Thank you Tails! I'll never forget you!". In the original, Cosmo says "I love you!"

- 1 second cut of Cosmo looking down in the white background before twirling/rotating out of sight.