"KAOTIKUSU, Uchuu he Iku"
Chaotix, Go to Space)
Production: 9/30/04
"Un Détective dans l'Espace"
(A Detective in Space)
"Galactic Gumshoes"

"Galactic Gumshoes" is a pretty strange name.

- 4kids blanks the sign that says "Thorndyke Science and Technology", the FIRST FEW SECONDS OF THE EPISODE. Grrr

- Chuck's voice is a bit different at the beginning

- 4kids removes the sign on the Chaotix house that says "Detective Office".

- Dub Espio pun: "If you think we're crusing the galaxy without a ship you're spaced out"

- 6 seconds lost during a MAJOR SPEEDUP of the Typhoon flying through space. Seriously, that looked extremely unprofessional

- Dub Vector's line, "We was hired to DELIVER that stuff, not DEVOUR it!", was somewhat funny. The use of "we was" and the dub VA made for a good scene.

- 1 second ADDITION right before the group attacks Charmy in his armored suit. They either froze a frame or slowed it down, I can't tell.

- Cream's panties are shown more than usual in this episode, and 4kids leaves them untouched.

- The Charmy cartoon fighting cloud scene is extended by 1-2 seconds right before the dub commercial break.

- 2 second cut of Charmy walking from the Typhoon to the Chaotix ship, crying.

- A green sign behind Charmy (I think it says "EXIT") right after returning from both commercial breaks is removed.

- The "Detective Office" sign is again removed as the Chaotix ship flies away from the Typhoon. The dub then cuts about 0.5 seconds off before the fadein to the interior of the ship.

- The green EXIT sign is blanked again, but not removed (it would have been easy to do so though)

- The part about Vector's snout being stuffy and him sneezing because of being allergic to space was not the way it happened in the original. Vector said that he sneezes whenever someone talks about him and he wondered how he managed to become so popular.

- Green EXIT sign is blanked once again after Tails flies over the ship with the X-Tornado and explains stuff, and again after the Typhoon does a 180 to go catch the Chaotix...and again...

- Shot with Chris standing up before bowing is cut, but the bowing is extended, so no time loss.

- Shot where Chris thinks about how Chuck found a way to teleport stuff is extended, but a long fadeout on the picture of the family is shortened, leading to only about a second of time loss.

- 3 seconds of the Chaotix walking to their ship is cut

- 8 second cut where Vector becomes all starry eyed with a rose background and says something

- 23 second cut of Vector having a "flashback" of Vanilla asking Vector to help with Cream, grabbing his hands and then hugging him, and then Espio getting angry and pounding the table

- Charmy's dub dialog about dilusional thinking while dancing is somewhat funny

- 8 second cut of Cosmo "showing" how she got into the bag, and then a shot of her looking mad

- The words "Detective Office" are removed from the house, and from the side of the ship

- 20 second cut of Vector thinking of Cream's mom and something

- 14 second cut of Espio threatening Sonic with his shuriken (ninja stars) and Charmy with his stinger

- 4kids leaves the green EXIT sign alone in one shot, but you can barely see it anyway

- 8 second cut of Chris talking about his mom to Vector as he comes in with his spacesuit

- "The House of Cream's Mom" sign is blanked from the sign at...well, Cream's mom's house ^^;

- The sign "KEEP OUT" and some other text by the door Rouge enters is blanked