"Shadou RIBAASU"
(Shadow Rebirth)
Production: 10/5/04
"Le Retour de Shadow"
(The Return of Shadow)
"Trick Sand"

What kind of title is "Trick Sand"? The sand being doesn't
really even appear until 14 minutes into the episode...

- 1 second scene-shortening cut of the view of the Red Emerald "out in space", before you see Shadow's image in it up close

- In the original Japanese version, the voice emotion, speed, and impact in the flashback to Episode 38 are not the same as they were in the actual Episode 38, meanwhile, the 4kids dub has most of the voices true to their original Episode 38...but they remove the voice of Cream and Amy (removing Cream was a good idea) WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? THE ORIGINAL DOES IT WRONG AND THE DUB DOES IT...RIGHT?

- Maria's voice in the flashback to Ep 38 is...odd, it now sounds worse more than anything else

- 2 second scene-shortening cut after Chris answers Tails with the intercom by his bed

- 2 second scene-shortening cut while Chris is holding Shadow's wrist ring

- 5 second cut of a scene of Eggman's ship out in space, doing nothing important

- "KEEP OUT" and some other text is removed from the sign by the door Eggman and Rouge come out of.

- Dub Eggman pun: "I see you've stumbled upon my SHADOWY little secret"

- Dub Rouge, in a semi-sexy way: "Bokkey knows about teamwork, doesn't he?" while poking him is funny.

- 6 second second cut of a view of the Typhoon coming out of the warp hole

- 4 second scene-shortening cut of the first shot of the interior of the ship; the camera zooms out from Chris and they're talking about the Planet Egg

- Bad "ding/dong" sounds are added as the green rectangle boxes pop up on the screen.

- 23 second cut. They cut out the entire scene where Amy, Sonic and Knuckles walk across the bridge, Sonic tiptoeing as to not fall in, and then Knuckles slamming his foot down, causing Sonic to go crazy and latch onto a pole, causing Amy to get mad at him.

- 4kids left in the "ERROR" text on the wrist thing. I expected them to cut it, and have Sonic and Amy gasp for no reason </sarcasm>

- Dub Sonic on the topic of the mysterious error: "Well, we'll never know until we find out!"...Um, yeah, that made no sense.

- I'm surprised they kept the part where Sonic and Knuckles smash through the glass. Let's let all the children get cuts due to glass shards!

- 5 second addition after the commercial break of the last five seconds before the commercial break. This shows Sonic and Knuckles falling with the not-cut glass shards.

- The...strange furry animal (that looks somewhat like Kimba the White Lion, the main character of the first anime ever in color) on the video recording's dub VA is very good.

Wait...a good VA?!
It must be a trap! Run!
It's going to get you!

- 7 second scene-shortening cut of Chris talking about Shadow to Cosmo after they've come out of the space colony, before the white screen with Shadow on it

- 1 second scene-shortening cut of the castle illusion thing before the original's commercial break.

- Mysterious pit of sand, after dragging Sonic under: "It appears your friend Sonic has sunk to an entirely new low"

- 1 second scene-shortening cut of zooming out from the pit

- 13 second cut of Bokkun coming in and talking to Eggman while in his ship

- Dub Rouge: "Why the sudden generosity Eggy?"
Dub Eggman: "Just feeling magnanimous is all"
Rouge's -y (Bokkey, Eggy) thing is funny, while Eggman's "magnanimous" is stupid, because no kid could ever understand what that means.

- 3 second cut of Chris coming in with his little plane after Sonic is electrocuted and falls toward the ground

- The last second of footage (scene-shortener) is cut from the episode. It shows Shadow lying on the floor, unconcious.