(Young Girls' Jungle Trap)
Production: 9/14/04
"Piège dans la Jungle"
(Trap in the Jungle)
"Desperately Seeking Sonic"

This is a poorly made title. 4kids' title revolves around what
happens at the beginning of the episode. Plus, it might be a reference
to the movie "Deseperately Seeking Susan", from 1985. SUCKAGE.

- 24 second cut of a recap of what happened in Episode 53

- Looks like 4kids decided to use some new BGM this time, it sucks (as always)

- 10 seconds lost during the speeding up of the first real scene: the Typhoon moving through space.

- Dub SFX change when the laser cannon hits the Metarex that's holding the Typhoon with its "tendrels"

- "Sonic Power Cannon" is just so laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

- Stupid dub techno SFX when Sonic is charging up the Sonic Driver, but suprisingly the "building up" SFX is left alone

- Horrible multiple-echo noise which I hate is used when Amy shouts "SONIIIIIIIIIC" as he falls toward the planet

- 5 seconds of panning of the jungle shortened right after the dub "intro"

- Extra, weird "ugggggh" noises are added in addition to dub Sonic VA's "ugh" as he falls to the jungle earth, and bad "falling" BGM plays ;_;

- Added scene changer from Sonic running to the monkey Metarex near the big fallen one

- 4/5 second cut of panning of the jungle after Sonic runs off with the green Emerald

- AHHHHHmonkeybotpun, "If I don't do somethin soon, I'm gonna end up a MetaWRECK"

- 5 second cut of the monkey Metarex (whom I will call Ape King from now on) before we see the Typhoon in the sky

- Ape King's dub VA makes the monkey noises stupidly ;_;

- Weird shortening and elongating of scenes before Cosmo runs off after Amy, but surprisingly, no time loss is noted

- The words "off line" and some bar is removed from a console that Chris looks at in the Typhoon:

- Dub adds "Mic/connection cut off" SFX when characters call via the voice thingyidon'tknowwhattocallit

- 3 second scene-shortening cut as Cosmo is walking, right before her flashback

- White ovalish "omg it's a dream" border is added to Cosmo's flashback/dream (BTW, the voice that says "Cosmo, run away!" is not there in the dub)

- 1 second cut of stillness after Cosmo finds the Planet Egg sitting out in the open

- Dub Ape King, after capturing Team Rose (Amy/Cosmo/Cream): "Now who's the monkey in the middle?"

- Dub Ape King, after putting Team Rose in a cage: "I betcha didn't suspect I'd be THIS cagey!"

- 8 second cut of Ape King talking to Team Rose (who are still in the cage), making Amy mad before he walks off

- Dub Amy, as Ape King is walking off: "Sonic's gonna go APE when he hears you caught me!"

- 4 second cut of a zoomin of the second Planet Egg trap in the clearing

- Dub Ape King, after capturing Team Rose for the second time "You fell for the same trap twice? Woah, you're bigger saps than the rest of the trees around here"

- Dub Cheese's voice is sooooo stupid and makes me hurt every time I hear it

- 7 second cut of Amy talking while walking in the tall grass

- 6 second cut of Cream/Cheese talking and extra Team Rose chatter

- 4kids adds a flash of light as Cosmo is hit with that vine-ball:

- 1 second addition of everyone caught by Eggman before dub commercial

- 4kids adds SFX as the visible shockwaves pulse out from the spot where the Planet Egg went back into the jungle soil

- Dub Ape King, after Planet Egg is restored: "I was programmed for monkey business"

- Dub Ape King, right before being finally defeated/destroyed: "This mission is driving me bananas"

- 4kids decides to end this episode with Cheese's horrible dub voice...yeah...and about 0.5 seconds is cut right at the very end of the ep.