"Kojou no Bourei KINGU BU BU"
(Ghost of the Old Castle King Boom Boo)
"Sonic's Scream Test"

This episode was one of the more interesting ones. It translated well into English, I guess.
Thanks to Random Talking Bush for help with the French title.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

2/1:40 - The island where King Boom Boo's castle is
2/1:45 - A closeup of the castle
5/1:52 - Pan of part of the interior
2/1:56 - Pan of the room Lindsey will be staying in later in the episode
3/2:08 - An old hallway...So far every scene shown so far has been shortened.
1/2:14 - Sonic on a castle balcony after yawning
2/4:02 - Sonic looking inside the castle
4/5:52 - Sonic looking over the castle gardens is sped up
1/6:10 - Lindsey walking thru the corridor with a candelabra/candelabrum-like thing, second take because of the noise
1/6:12 - More of Lindsey walking thru the corridor
1/6:32 - Lindsey powdering her face
2/7:33 - The microphone the sound guy looking for the noises he heard earlier is holding
1/7:52 - Lindsey powdering her face
2/9:40 - The gang pulling on Ella's hand, trying to keep her from being sucked into the wall
1/10:36 - The rubble from the broken wall before it gets sucked back in as the ghosts have captured Sonic
7/12:45 - The stairs under the Sun/moon altar
3/12:56 - Amy and Chris walking, and the stalagtite up above
2/13:53 - Amy and Chris running into a new room after they scare off the minighosts with the hourglass
4/14:05 - Pan of the ceiling in the new room
1/14:31 - Shot of King Boom Boo
3/16:34 - King Boom Boo, having escaped after Amy put the hourglass moon/star-side up
1/19:46 - Sonic and King Boom Boo before a ghost goes flying by, smacked by Amy's hammer
1/19:51 - The smacked ghost dazed dented into the wall
1/19:54 - Amy, nose upwards in triumph
2/20:15 - King Boom Boo after Tails tosses Sonic a ring
1/20:25 - Sonic and the ring's shine
1/20:34 - King Boom Boo as Sonic spins toward him
2/21:17 - King Boom Boo chomping up the stairs
2/21:24 - More King Boom Boo chomping up the stairs
3/22:30 - The cop telling the story before a pan up the castle

- Abeit a small change, the lover of the woman Lindsey's playing in the movie has his name changed from "Ashier" to "Brett"

- The hourglass, which has a crescent moon and star on it, has the star erased, likely because it bears a strong resemblance to the Crescent Star, a Muslim/Islamic symbol.

- 4 second cut of the sound guy after the ghosts sneak up behind him and disappear

- A small change, but I'll note it anyway: The ghostly reflection of Lindsey in the mirror originally said "Chris!" in a kid's/squeaky voice, but the dub one goes "Well hello there!" in a deep man's voice.

- 14 second cut of the police talking to the crew: "We mobilized our staff and searched for them all night, but we couldn't find anything!", the policeman says "Just as I thought...", and the sound director says "What's 'just as you thought'? Was there ever a case like this before?", and the policeman responds "Yeah."

- 7 second cut of Amy holding onto Chris as they walk down stairs, saying "I'd like to live on my own someday in a nice relaxing apartment in Station Square." (and the rest of the dialogue is not from a cut scene, but I'll list it anyway: "Even if it's small, I wouldn't mind. I want something to call 'Amy's Kitchen!' Then I can cook.")

- When Amy puts the hourglass moon/star-side facing upward, the dub, which edited out the star before, either forgot to do it for the column of light that bursts out or it was too difficult:

- Originally when Amy got possessed by the ghost, her voice was a little squeakier/lighter than before, but in the dub, it's a bit lower.

- The dub adds SFX for when Chris puts the sun-side upwards, which makes the scene sound better.

- 1 second cut of Sonic chopping Amy's neck to get the ghost out, done so little kids don't imitate it. It seems odd that in the dub, Sonic just appears behind Amy and THAT causes the ghost to come out...

- 1 second cut of Amy completely smashing a ghost with her Piko Piko Hammer.

- Dub Sonic minipun, after "defeating" King Boom Boo for the first time: "They didn't stand a ghost of a chance!"

- Dub Sonic is harsh when he tells Chris he put the wrong side up: Chris says "So I messed up?", Sonic says "Yeah...big time.", while the original Sonic said "Don't mind" (it doesn't matter)

- Originally, the end of the episode has the policeman telling everyone that his grandfather told him of the ghosts in the castle, but the dub has him telling a story about a guy who went in was never heard from again.