"Shutsugeki! EGGU FUTO II"
(Departure! Egg Fort II)
"Cruise Blues"

This episode was a pretty boring episode, made even more boring by the dub.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

1/2:27 - Decoe and Bocoe before they turn around after the engine fails to start
1/2:57 - Eggfort I underwater before the original's title card
1/3:09 - Shot of the cruise ship Sonic-tachi is on
5/3:28 - Chris laying on a green lounge chair
3/4:35 - Tails not liking the trip before Amy goes up to him
4/4:49 - Shot of Sonic on the end of the ship at night
3/5:22 - Sonic's face right after Amy stops him from zooming around
4/7:29 - Tanaka with his arm out, having done a fake punch, saying "That's the real key"
1/7:40 - The helicopter flying off without Sonic
3/8:14 - Tails looking at the clouds, thinking of the X-Tornado
22/8:35 - TWENTY-TWO seconds of the chat between Cream and the old lady
1/13:09 - Amy's face as Sonic tries to "flirt" with Amy
7/16:51 - The front of the Thorndyke mansion before the bomb Bokkun gives Ella explodes
4/20:17 - The gang on the boat looking at the loudspeaker that old woman hijacked to talk to Sonic
2/21:56 - Sonic standing on the iceberg after the Eggfort II is gone
1/22:06 - Pan of the old crowd
6/22:15 - Sonic laying on the X-Cyclone's leg

- The first dialogue of the episode is very different from the original.

Original: "Very good! But why did it take you two whole weeks?!", as they weren't in Episode 19. Bocoe says "Because THEY decided to star in an episode without us!", and Decoe says "That's right! This program is important to us [is hit with a can by Eggman]...nyaah...I mean...Eggman-sama's duties for us are important!", Eggman says "I'm glad you understand that." Bocoe says "Pay attention to your lines!" and Decoe says "I hope we won't disappear next week because of that..."

Dub: Has Eggman asking why it took so long, Bocoe says it's because Decoe is grumpy, and Decoe says it's the third time he had to "fix this hunk of junk", Eggman throws the can, and Decoe says "I mean, it is a pleasure to work on such a fine machine!", Bocoe says "You better watch what you say, bigmouth", Decoe says "You don't think the doctor will throw me on the scrapheap, do you?"

- Originally Decoe and Bocoe listen in closely (hands near "ears") because Eggman says (in a whisper in the original, but not the dub) "It's like they were designed by children...Why do I ALWAYS have to get stuck with screw-ups like THEM?!", but in the dub this is "I've had it with this broken-down bucket! Perhaps it's time to retire this old heap and introduce my newest creation!"

- Originally Eggman names the Eggfort II right after the note above, but in the dub, he doesn't, leaving suspense.

- Originally, Chuck was drunk (and the bottles are there to prove it, even in the dub), but the dub changes this to Chuck having seasickness, so there's really no reason for him to laugh and fall asleep like that (unless they're alluding to the stereotypical old person)

- Originally, as Sonic was speeding by inside the ship, he was grunting, and because he was moving faster than the speed of sound, the grunting was delayed. There is no grunting in the dub. Japanese Amy and Tails comment on this: "He's moving faster than his voice..." "In my opinion, he's going to become harder to control than a Chaos Emerald!"

- Originally, Amy says this when she stops Sonic: "Sonic, how old are you?", Sonic responds with "15...", Amy says "Then you're old enough to understand the position that you're in right now! The role of this program is going to be affected by the hero's actions! You maintain the following of Sonic X...and the show's sales are all focused around you. Do you know how many people have high expectations for you? You should realize that you're their hero! You can't act this way just because you're unable to run while being surrounded by the sea!"
: Dub Amy talks about Sonic being immature, telling him they're on the ship for 10 more days, for him to be brave, and that no one wants their hero to be a crybaby.

- A "clang" SFX is added when Sonic falls down on the floor after walking away from Amy

- Dub dialogue wins out after Sonic "faints". In the original, Amy goes "He fainted!? The hero fainted?!", but Dub Amy goes "He collapsed! I was too overwhelming!"

- The name of the retirement home and almost all of the dialogue from Tanaka is basically the same in the dub, which is good.

- The dub wins out again with Sonic dialogue to the leaving helicopter. In the original, it's, in a sad tone, "Noooooo...come baaaaaaack!", but in the dub it's this in a crazy tone: "No! Wait! COME BACK!"

- Originally after the scene with Tails and the X-Tornado cloud, it goes to a shot of Cream, Cheese and and old lady, and Tails screams offcamera, but this didn't happen in the dub.

- Dub Cream doesn't mention to the old lady that they live in a place called Green Hill (Sonic the Hedgehog 1 for Genesis/MegaDrive's first level, a nice throwback)

- As Sonic is trying to jump to shore, the captain in the original says he went about 9.5 kilometers (about 5.12 nautical miles), and the dub captain says he went about 5 nautical miles, so that's a good approximation.

- Originally, the old man talking to Amy thinks that she's after Chris, saying "But, isn't that kind of annoying? The boy has his old grandfather here with him..." and Amy says "Just who are you talking about?", but the dub has the old man saying Sonic probably has "that effect" on other girls, and Amy says "What girls are you talking about?"

- 39 second cut of an entire scene of Chris playing chess with an old man, Chris asking what he should play next, the old man saying he can't be too anxious to start a fight, saying he needs experience, Chris saying he's right, the other men learn to keep their resolve in a crisis. Chris then stands up, saying "Oji-san!" (old man!), and the old man starts snoring, Chris then asks "Did you fall asleep?!"

- The dub uses the same basic idea, but not the same wording, when Eggman/Decoe/Bocoe are in Bang/BaBang/BaBaBang. Originally it went: "When in the world did you get this mecha factory ready?" "Seriously! We knew about the Egg-Fort, but all of a sudden there's a FACTORY?!" "It's the so called "Secret Place" in the base. One should always have a secret place that..."

- Originally, Decoe names the three parts "Egg Fort II Dragon Zugo", but Dub Decoe names it "Geiico-Bocoe XL Super Ultra..."

- Japanese Eggman names the three segments: "Bocoe, Decoe," and his the "Super Egg Final Star DX 005", and Dub Eggman names them "Decoe II, Bocoe II," and his as "The XL Super-Ultra Eggman Extreme". A sidenote, the camera is looking at Bocoe's segment when Dub Eggman says "Decoe II", so the two are switched, or it's an error.

- The other choices Eggman has the same in both versions. Both the "Ace Jack King" one and the "Rock Paper Scissors" are correct.

- The dub adds more choices "Eeney Meney Mini", "X Y Z", and a weird one, "Egg Egger Eggyespladia", whereas you can't hear them over the two robots [saying they can't take it] in the original

- 57 second cut of Eggman using a random "pipe" drawing system to decide the name...The one will starts with a B, and then they yell because they need to actually FIND a B-name now.

- 2 second cut of a pan of (supposedly) Tanaka's dojo-like room after Bokkun arrives

- In the original, Bokkun didn't drop by to say hi, he said he prepared a lot of bombs, and that they can't hide 'cause he'll find them

- In the original right before the Eggfort II is combined, we were shown full-screen all three segments, but in the dub there's a splitscreen showing all three. There is no time lost or gained from this.

- 8 second cut of the three segments combining VERY far away with a red arrow pointing to it.

- Because of the above scene cut, the dialogue had to be changed. Originally people were "calling" Eggman saying they couldn't see it because it was too small, to combine again, and Eggman tells them to get bigger TVs. The dub has the calls being about changing names, the Eggfort II not being "all that", and Eggman saying he'll get an unlisted number.

- 4kids adds "slippery"/"clumsy" SFX as Eggman tells Sonic he's not moving on the slick iceberg.

- The reason Chuck tells Tails for how Ella can fly the X-Tornado is changed from "I taught her because I wanted to be sure we could relax!" to "Ella can do anything she puts her mind to, except windows"

- "CHANGE X-CYCLONE! SET ON!" is changed to "Now we change to X-Cyclone! Transform!" and "Cyclooooooooooone KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!" is the same, but no echo: "We'll see who's boss now! Cyclone kick!"

- After the X-Cyclone hits the Eggfort II, Eggman-tachi go "Ahhh! Off we go again!", but this is just screams in the dub.

- One line at the end of the episode has the old lady talking about God giving them time to think when they lost feeling in their legs, but the dub one talks about nature and family/friends.