"SABANNA no Daikettou!"
(Huge Shootout on the Savanna!)
"The Dam Scam"

A pretty good episode I guess?

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

1/1:35 - Mother lion licking her cub
1/3:15 - Damaged Tornado spiraling toward the ground; right before the dub intro
1/7:08 - Shot of the trees E-65 rockets down to
2/7:10 - Shot of the savanna before Sonic rockets through
2/8:13 - Short pan over to the X-Cyclone at the construction site gates
1/8:17 - Shot of the X-Cyclone at the construction site gates
3/9:23 - The big burly guy (Ivan in the dub) cracking his knuckles a second time
1/10:03 - Tails walking in the brush after his device is smashed in his flashback
2/10:35 - Tails climbing into Sonic's plane
2/11:07 - Sonic's face as Tails tells him why he's messing with his plane
1/12:57 - Chris and Tails from behind before the animals "agree" to help them
4/13:54 - Various snippets of construction vehicles
2/14:05 - The manager guys and their truck from afar
4/14:27 - First still shot of the forest on fire in the managers' plan to burn the trees
4/14:34 - A pan shot of the flooded land is shortened
2/15:57 - Sonic's feet, leading E-65 deep into the jungle
2/17:09 - Again, Sonic's feet, leading E-65 deep into the jungle
2/18:44 - E-65 chasing Sonic out in the open, passing the two dam managers
1/19:26 - E-65 running into the construction area after Sonic
2/20:18 - Sonic attacking E-65 as Eggman destroys all the construction vehicles and equipment
1/20:57 - Sonic having spun directly through E-65 with a ring
1/22:44 - Last second of the episode shortened, this is of a sunset

- 3 second cut of a hippo opening its mouth (yawning?)

- On Chris' cell phone in the original, it shows a construction-guy (typical in Japan for "we're working on it" or "Sorry, this isn't available" situations) holding a "X" sign. This is replaced in the dub with "NO SIGNAL"

- 4 second cut of a wide view of the X-Tornado and the tree Chris is laying under

- 14 second cut of Eggman electrocuting the water in which the Eggfort fell into, because he saw a bunch of crocodiles. When then see the crocs float to the surface belly-up, indiciating they're dead.

- Two horrible monkey puns as E-65 (whose number, but not his name [Gorru-Gaooh], was kept in the dub) pound his chest, said by Dub Decoe and Bocoe: "Ohh...E-65 is going ape!" and "Stop monkeying around, we have a mission to complete!"

- Strangely, a shot of the dead crocs appears as Decoe and Bocoe tell Eggman they're ready to go, and the dub keeps it:

- Japanese subtitles originally appeared as the camera focused on the cheetah, most likely stats on how fast the cheetah runs:

- 3 second shot of the cheetah's hind legs and tail are cut:

- A bad pun Dub Sonic says to the cheetah, saying he's faster than many other animals: "But on the raceway, I'm a real tiger!"

- A line by a never-before-heard narrator, as Sonic speeds off with the cheetah: "This is the world's first Super-Sonic Cheetah!", is obviously not in the dub.

- The dub construction managers have cheesy Russian accents (though it is nice to hear), and one of them says a semi-pun: "You are being like that elephant over there, too nosey!"

- 4 second cut of Tails and Chris being thrown out onto the dirt, and Tails yelling at him "What are you doing?" Oddly, the dub shows a scene right after this where they are on the ground for seemingly no reason.

- 5 second cut of Tails and Chris still on the ground after the workers/managers turn around and leave. Strangely, if you compare the two shots of them on the ground that were cut, the "location" at which they are has changed slightly!

- Dub Tails calls all the animals losers, and says they deserve to lose their homes. Originally...Tails wasn't that harsh, he only said "Everyone, is this okay? Is this REALLY okay?!"

- 6 second cut of Tails running up to Sonic's original red plane and admiring it in the flashback.

- 1 second addition of Tails gasping at the bulldozer before the commercial break

- 4 second cut of a shot of a village from afar

- The signs of the protesters Tails gathers are changed from Japanese characters to a picture of a "no-Dam" symbol

- Originally to give an excuse to the protesters the manager says the dam can hold off a mudslide if there is one, and the protesters ask how in the world a mudslide can happen there. The dub manager says it can generate power for their homes.

- Strangely, a scene of construction people using jackhammers is mirrored and moved to after two other mirrored scenes:

- 4kids mirrors these scenes:

- A 0.5 second part where the managers lower their heads and bring them back up is cut, but no time loss.

- 4kids gives the managers with the Russian accents Russian-like names: "Borisz" and "Sergei"

- Dub Sonic semi-pun after E-65 sneaks up on him from behind and hits him: "That big slug just slugged me!"

- I liked the way this line was handled in both versions, as the dam managers meet up with Eggman:

Original: "Another strange guy has appeared again!" "Did you just call me strange? You just called me, the talented Dr. Eggman-sama, strange?! Unforgivable!"
Dub: "Another crazy weirdo!" "Ergh, so I'm a crazy weirdo am I?! Well I have news for you Mr. Bigshot, I'm going to cut you down to size!"

- 2 second addition of Eggman talking while watching Sonic being attacked by E-65, right before a commercial break. A bad pun during Eggman's talk: "E-65 will make a monkey out of Sonic!"

- 6 second cut of extra Sonic listening for E-65, and extra E-65 swingage on trees

- 5 second cut of the fatter manager saying "There are monsters all over that forest!" and the other guy saying "Calm down!"

- The text "DAM PERSPECTIVE" is removed from a sign:

- 3 second cut of Sonic asking Chris and Tails how they're doing

- 3 second addition of Chris talking before he spots E-65 coming toward them

- 4 second cut of Eggman gasping after Sonic defeated E-65, saying "Oh...E-65!"

- As mentioned before, Eggman has this "Now, this mecha will automatically...", and today's bit with Bokkun in the original is "Alright, this mecha will now...automatically begin to tap-dance!", which the dub has him say, but differently: "You think you've defeated me, but I'm still in command here! And to prove it, I'm going to...ergh...have Bokkun here perform a little tap dance!" the Japanese Bokkun goes "Dun dun dun dun" while he dances, the dub does not; and silly music plays in the dub. When he stops dancing, Japanese Bokkun says "I don't know how to dance! I'm leaving...I feel terrible!", Dub Bokkun goes "How embarrasing!" and cries.