"Nakkuruzu! Ikari no Tekken"
(Knuckles! Clenched Fists of Anger)
"The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk"

Another episode that reminds me of Episode 13 scene-shortener wise...

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

1/4:12 - Bartender before the thugs come to his "rescue"
3/5:32 - Leong and Knuckles walking to a door
3/5:40 - Leong and Knuckles walking down stairs
1/5:48 - Leong offering Knuckles to go in a door before him
1/5:51 - Knuckles looking suspiciously at Leong for doing that
1/6:04 - Knuckles falling down the shaft
1/6:12 - Knuckles having stopped his fall
1/7:04 - Eggman's glasses glowing/shining
1/7:23 - Closeup of Knuckles' face before the flashback to Angel Island
4/7:48 - Still of the Master Emerald before a butterfly flies in front of it
1/7:55 - Knuckles with a leaf in his mouth
1/9:23 - Shot of the bugging device on the wall
3/11:04 - Knuckles and Hawk walking to the subway
1/11:56 - Hawk digging for the Red Chaos Emerald
1/13:28 - E-91 spinning her portable Wrecking Ball of Doom
1/13:32 - Knuckles flying through the air after dodging the Wrecking Ball of Doom
3/14:07 - Rouge waking up from unconciousness, talking with her mouth just offscreen
1/14:20 - The Eggfort hoving above as Rouge looks at it
2/14:31 - E-91 spinning her portable Wrecking Ball of Doom
2/14:53 - Dust cloud from the cave-in before the Eggfort backs off
2/15:03 - Zoomin onto the house where Hawk and Knuckles are in the morning watching the news report
1/15:40 - Knuckles on the ground after the wooden beam knocks him down, before he finds the Shovel Claw
2/15:42 - Knuckles holding himself up before the sack containing the Shovel Claw falls on his head
1/16:25 - Pan of the collapsed road
1/16:59 - Knuckles climbing out of the road, having found the Red Chaos Emerald
1/17:33 - Knuckles watching Bokkun karate-chop the air
2/17:48 - Knuckles walking into view from underneath a beam ontop of the construction site frame
1/18:12 - E-91 jumping off the construction site frame to catch the Emerald
1/18:16 - E-91 falling
2/19:25 - Hawk in an alley before E-91 arrives
1/19:27 - Hawk looking up the alley for E-91
1/19:59 - E-91 on the ground before shooting her red binding energy things at Knuckles
1/20:07 - Knuckles' face, while being "electrocuted" by those red things
1/20:12 - Knuckles' face, eye open, while being "electrocuted" by those red things
1/20:37 - Knuckles' fist in the air after punching E-91 sky high
1/21:18 - Knuckles leaving on the boat before doing a thumbs up to Hawk
4/21:30 - Hawk waving Knuckles goodbye
1/22:27 - The sky after the Master Emerald bit
1/22:44 - The last second of the episode...Knuckles holding the red Emerald

- 12 second cut of a shot of a building and a plane flying overhead

- While on the boat at the beginning of the episode, Knuckles narrates what's happened so far. The dub has Knuckles narrating more than the original.

- 4 second cut as Knuckles walks through town (everyone is surprised), maybe to avoid the woman holding her baby on her back

- Strangely, a lot of Chinese signs are shown in this episode, and the dub keeps them!

- Mr. Fan's shop (Jack's Place in the dub) is changed from a bar into a fast-food restaurant (XD):

- The beer the men in the bar had in their cups had their color changed from a brown-ish color to orange and black:

- In the first pan of the bar-turned-restaurant, we see the barkeep has a white hat on in the dub, but when Knuckles walks up and talks to him, it's gone!

- After Knuckles trips one of the thugs, who falls behind the counter and rattles some bottles-that-aren't-there-in-the-dub, some signs behind Knuckles relating to drink prices is blanked:

- Mr. Leong's (the big guy in the white) name is kept the same in the dub

- A pack of fries is added to the table Decoe and Bocoe are sitting at, as well as the color of their drinks is switched. In an earlier scene, Decoe had an orange drink and Bocoe a black, but now Decoe has the black and Bocoe the orange

- Purposeful Dub Knuckles pun, after Hawk asks him what he's doing here: "Well, let's just say I decided to DROP in"

- 4kids replaces the SFX used when the Chaos Control rays shoot out from Eggman's base in a flashback to Episode 1

- 2 second cut of Amy and Tails watching Chaos Control from Episode 1

- 4 second cut of Chaos Control approaching Big

- To fool the guy listening to with the bug device, Knuckles originally talks about how he's a gourmet food lover and the food in this city is delicious, then Hawk talks about tons of foods and that some are fatty. Dub Knuckles talks about how cozy the jail cell is (O.o) and then Hawk talks about baked beans and how they were bad a few days ago

- Later when Hawk starts whispering, he did it in the original so quietly that that guy had to turn up the volume, but in the dub you can hear him just fine.

- When Knuckles yells into the bugging device, he originally yelled "THE LEEK BUN!" in reference to the chat about food they had not 30 seconds before. The dub Hawk talks about getting better food in his cell, and Dub Knuckles yells "IT SURE WOULD!"

- Originally as Eggman introduced E-91, he said "Sometimes she's a driver...sometimes she's a female guard...and sometimes she's a sexy dancer! But her true identity is E-91, Ku-no-i-chi!", and Dub Eggman says not to judge by appearances, and...

- Dub Eggman names E-91 by her number (yay), and has her name as "The Lady Ninja". "Kunoichi" is the word for a female ninja in Japanese, as well as the number "91" (in Japanese numeration, "ku" is 9, and "ichi" is 1), so it's a sort of play on words.

- After we see Eggman hovering above in his Eggfort, Eggman says "Sixth Egg Technique!" and the tiny weight grows into a wrecking ball. The dub changes "Sixth Egg Technique!" to the horrible pun "Let's throw a bit more WEIGHT behind things!"

- 2 second cut of a wall falling down because of E-91's Wrecking Ball of Doom smashing into it

- 2 second cut of the road beginning to crumble/cave in from above

- Some Chinese text is erased from the headline in the news report and replaced with "BUILDING COLLAPSE!", which isn't correct, because a building didn't collapse, the road above the subway did.

- When Bokkun goes to kick Knuckles with fire in his eyes, originally he said "Straight to Hell Kick!", and later "You're really something! How could you live through my kick? Farewell!", but Dub Bokkun just says "I know karate! Hiyaah! Gotcha! Uh uh, karate chop! These hands are dangerous weapons! Take that! Don't mess with me! HYAHAHAYAHAYAHA"

- A 2 second shot of Rouge throwing one of her "Thank You" cards right after Knuckles tosses the Red Chaos Emerald up is actually ADDED. This was not in the Japanese version!

- After jumping off the top of the construction site frame, E-91 originally says "Egg-Technique, Kite Flight!" to activate the body kite, but says nothing in the dub. Later, she originally says "Egg-Technique, Flying Squirrel!" to activate a pair of "wings"; again nothing in the dub.

- The label on the box that's next to Hawk when he's trapped in the alley is changed from white Chinese text into a "no fire" symbol

- 7 second cut of Hawk still waving Knuckles goodbye, and its associated scene transition:

- Originally in the weird Red Chaos Emerald transportation sequence, there are a few changes from dub version to dub version:

First Dub Airing:
Tikal: Seven Chaos Emeralds. The mystery will be revealed.
Knuckles: The mystery will be revealed? What mystery?

Second Dub Airing:
Tikal: The servers are the seven Chaos.
Knuckles: The servers...are the seven Chaos? What does that mean?

The second airing is much more alike to the original line, which is:
Tikal: The servers are the seven Chaos.
Knuckles: The servers are the seven Chaos? What do you mean by that?

The two different dub lines for Tikal have different voice actors between the two, the first one sounding older than the second, and none of the two exactly matching Tikal's dub voice later in the Sonic Adventure episodes.

- In the original, Tikal's voice repeated the line "The servers are the seven Chaos" less than five seconds before the end of the episode, but the dub does not.