"Mezase! Nankai no Chinbotsusen"
(On Sight! The Sunken Ship in Southern Sea)
"Depths of Danger"

Sometimes people name this episode "Shoot for the Sunken Ship in the South Sea".
This episode is the first episode since Dub Episode 1 that wasn't aired five months after its Japanese equivilant.
For example, Japanese Episode 10 aired 6/8/03, and the dub 10 aired 11/8/03.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

2/2:20 - Pan up the curtain of a window in the President's office
2/2:50 - Ella talking to Amy at the table before Chuck arrives
1/6:33 - Chuck talking after he, Ella annd Tanaka are done waving the gang off (X-Tornado)
1/9:03 - Extra dustcloudiness from the stampede of people wanting Sonic's autograph
3/9:04 to 9:50 - Various snippets all along the beach...my copies kept getting out of sync
1/10:05 - Sonic looking out on the beach
2/10:30 - Sunglasses Tails and Sunglasses Cheese acting all cool on the beach before the Kani ("Crab" in Japanese) scurries across
3/10:59 - Sonic walking underwater with the airhose
2/11:09 - Hose unraveling from the hose holder before it falls into the ocean
1/11:25 - Shot of Kani before he cuts Sonic's hose
1/11:45 - Non-moving scene before Kani falls back in the water
1/12:40 - Pan of the diving shop
1/13:29 - Shot of the picture of the pirate ship that sank
3/13:33 - Shot of Chris' face after being told that story of the ship
1/13:53 - Shot of the rented boat with everyone on it on the ocean from above
3/14:32 - The ocean waves before the Eggfort rises out of the ocean
1/14:48 - A black screen (the TV for the Sonic news report is turned off)
2/15:07 - A dirty Decoe and Bocoe bickering before they turn around
1/16:36 - Bokkun floating in front of Eggman before pulling out his TV
1/20:15 - E-57's tendrils offscreen, catching Sonic
1/20:32 - Chris' face when he sees Sam arriving
1/21:37 - Sonic in the air giving Sam the thumbs up
1/22:22 - Pan of everyone on Tanaka's boat
1/22:36 - A black screen (the TV for the Sonic news report is turned off)
2/22:44 - The Eggfort on the ocean facing a sunset...the last two seconds of the episode

- 9 second cut of Amy choosing which fork and knife to pick up

- "PASSPORT", "SOCIAL SECURITY" and a Social Security number is erased from Amy's stuff:

- 28 second cut of Cream asking Chuck what Cheese's license is for. Chuck says it's to testify that a "pet is owned by the honored citizen, Cream", and Cream gets mad saying Cheese isn't a pet. Then a short scene where Amy is looking over in Cream's direction is cut.

- All of Amy's stats on her passport are changed into little blocky things:

- "SIGHT-SEEING" is removed from a book Amy is reading, and later on the inside of the book, "GRAND-BLUE SAPPHIRE-SEA" is blanked (but none of the other text is):

- Now here's where sign-blanking gets really weird...when Chris gives Sonic an airtube, they originally held up white signs with Japanese characters on them; the first one Chris holds up saying "Good kids won't imitate this", and the second one Sonic holds up; this one says "You mean I'm not a good kid?"...these are blanked in the dub, leaving for a very confused audience if one doesn't know what was there before...they could have at least PUT something there.

Chris’ sign: Yoi ko mane shinaide ne!
Sonic’s sign: Oshiha yoi ko ja nai no ka?

- I received an email from "The One and Only World's Greatest Drawer" stating that the signs in the above edit were completely REMOVED from the TV airing where she lives! Chris' stance is still the same, but the sign is removed! To get rid of Sonic's sign, her airing uses a shot of Sonic right before Chris' sign with his hands on his hips. Here are the pictures that she sent in:

To compare... (left is my copy, right is hers):

- 3 second cut of the hose holder unraveling

- While Chris is squatting down holding the other end of the tube, in the original he was humming the tune to "Sonic Drive", the Japanese Opening Theme Song. The dub doesn't have any noise from Chris.

- In the Japanese version, the crab keeps saying "kani", which is the word "crab" in Japanese. Obviously, the crab says nothing in the dub, it just makes sounds.

- The white sign is once again blanked with the bell, this time it says "Don't imitate" (In Japanese: "Mane shinaide ne")

- Horrible dub pun by Sonic when Chris introduces the bell: "This is the most ding-a-ling thing I've ever heard of!" Originally this was a bit funnier, as Sonic asks Chris "Where did you find this?"

- Originally when the bells falls on Sonic underwater, he screams like mad for Chris, but in the dub, Sonic speaks normally (abeit in an angry tone): "Oh great, I'm stuck! This diving bell is useless! I can't even ring it to get help!"

- As Chris and Sonic walk along the beach-front shops, signs are blanked, "well come" and "OPEN"

- 4 second cut of Amy and Cream looking at lifejackets in the mirror:

- "SSTV AFTERNOON-NEWS" is removed from the TV doing the news report on Sonic, but is accidentally left in on one frame (1/30th of a second) in one shot:

- Not-that-bad dub pun, Sonic to Kani holding the Chaos Emerald: "Drop it or I'll give you something to be crabby about"

- E-57 "Clurken" retains its name (sorta), but not its E-number. Dub Eggman specifically names him "Clarken".

- To fulfill Sam's name requirements, in the original, Sam asks Chris to call him "High Speed Big Wave" today.

- "SSTV NIGHT-NEWS" is removed from the TV doing the news report on Sonic

- For one frame (1/30th of a second) before Eggman turns the TV off, you can see the blue swath of color that 4kids used to blank the above text: