"Idouyousai EGGUFUTO Shuurai!"
(Raid of Eggfort, the Flying Fortress!)
"Skirmish in the Skies"

The amount of scene-shorteners in this episode reminds me of Episode 13...argh...
Also, sometimes people name this episode "The Mobile Fortress Attacks" but I used the other title.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

3/1:30 - Shot of the front of Thorndyke house with a yellow car parked in front of it
2/2:47 - Shot of the yellow car Ella's driving on the highway
1/3:41 - Cream and Ella picking out some clothes
1/3:43 - Cheese bouncing on some clothes
1/3:46 - Amy after she opens the dressing room curtain the first time
1/3:49 - Amy after she opens the dressing room curtain the second time
3/3:56 - Amy after she opens the dressing room curtain the third time, and the people watching her scattering
3/4:18 - Pan of everyone looking at Tails
2/6:01 - Shot of people watching the furries from behind the "gate" in the VIP room
1/6:10 - Shot of the chandellier in the VIP room
5/7:26 - Pan of excavation workers at Eggman's old base
4/7:44 - Pan of the crack that the Eggfort comes out of after the workers notice it
2/8:23 - Shot of the Eggfort idling in mid-air
1/8:48 - Shot of the Eggfort's wing after its extended
2/8:56 - Shot of Eggman's Eggfort cockpit moving up
3/8:58 - Speedup of the zoomout of the Eggfort
1/10:42 - The underside of the Eggfort flying over the city
1/11:00 - Eggfort in mid-air over the city
1/11:46 - E-42 "Torole"'s wrecking ball after it smashes the car Ella was driving
1/12:16 - Zoomin to the building Sonic just
1/12:34 - One second of the Eggfort pointed at Sonic just before the original Eyecatchers and a dub commercial break
1/12:34 - One second of the Eggfort pointed at Sonic just after the original Eyecatchers and a dub commercial break
1/13:23 - Sonic "flying" to the Eggfort
2/15:05 - Sonic with his blue arms hanging onto the side of the Eggfort before sreeching down it
2/15:29 - Those green robots falling from the sky
3/15:58 - Those green robots getting ready to fire on Sam's car and everyone before Stewart saves the day
1/17:52 - The X-Tornado flying towards the Eggfort
3/18:52 - Zoomin to a destroyed building with the Mayor in a cloud of smoke
4/19:07 - Zoomout of the Eggfort following the X-Tornado over the ocean
6/20:01 - Extra Decoe and Bocoe fidling around with the controls getting ready to fire on the X-Tornado a second time
1/20:16 - X-Tornado flying with smoke coming out of it
2/20:48 - X-Tornado flying toward the Eggfort
2/20:55 - Sonic on the top of the X-Tornado before extending his arms to catch the rings
2/22:02 - The Navy ships before the X-Tornado lands on one

- Dub Chris' voice is way too deep at the beginning of this episode.

- The style of the painting that Mr. Stewart looks at from Episode 7 is again modified to the same design in this episode.

- Before the dub intro and original title card, there's some mouth movement cuts, but no time loss.

- 3 second cut of shot of three manequins in a display window

- The text "PANDAM" and "New" are erased from a toy box:

- When Chris picks up PANDAM, his dub VA says "That is SO cool! This figure has kung-fu kick action!", and because of his odd deep voice noted above, it sounds pretty odd.

- Text on a sign saying "WELCOME TO THE DEVIL WORLD" is removed, along with text that looks like "ROOOOOOAR", and the text on the side of a boy's box:

- A stupid line from the lady whose son pulled on Tails' tails: "That thing is the real deal! I wonder who taught it to talk? The dog trainer?" She originally said "I'm sure! I saw it myself. It's real! I can see it so closely, it's really great!"

- 5 second cut of people watching the furries (Tails, Amy, Cream, Cheese) from outside through a window

- 4kids adds "THOOM" sound effects every time the guy takes a picture of the furries

- The people in dub in the dining room act like the stereotypical (in most everyone's view) snobby rich people:

Original: Hey, look at that." "The young master Thorndyke is said to live together with those strange creatures...and surely enough, it's true!"

Dub (in a bad accent): "Oh my, they allow pets in here?" "Instead of escorting those beasts into our dining room and creating a scene, they should check them into the coat room with the rest of the furs!"

- 7 second cut of a helicopter flying near Eggman's destroyed sea-side base, and a pan down to his actual base

- A line from the original that I liked right after the Eggfort appears, which Decoe and Bocoe say: "Why did you make a special drill just for breaking down the door?" "What a waste!" "It's been very difficult for me to make that drill, so why not use it?" which is changed to "Dr. Eggman certainly is a strategic genius!" "I only wish some of his strategies worked occassionally"

- 1 second cut...while a lady is pulling Amy's ear, a yellow vein of anger appears on her head for a second, but the dub cuts this

- Dub Decoe minipun, as Sonic destroys the E-42 "Torole": "I have heard of a Sonic Boom but this is ridiculous"

- A sign saying "BOOK STORE" has the text removed the book symbol moved to the middle.

- E-43's (the orange robots) gunfire SFX is changed into laser SFX =\

- Sonic has blue arms while he's hanging onto the side of the Eggfort before he slides down, making that horrible "nails on a chalkboard" noise

- The scene where Sonic has fallen off and lands on a building switches places with Eggman pushing a button to dispatch those green robots

- 3 second cut...the original has Sam driving past the "BOOK STORE" store again.

- Signs saying "Shoes Shop" "CD SHOP" (I couldn't get a good dub picture of this, but it's in the same shot as Shoes Shop), "ENTRAL PLAZA" and "HAIR CUT" are all blanked, though this scene is so fast you can barely see them anyway

- As Stewart greets Sam, Stewart says "You were Chris' uncle; you are..." and Sam (as to fulfill the "What's Sam's name for this episode" requirement) says "Please just call me, 'Love Express'." The dub has it go "And I believe you're Chris' uncle, Mr..." "MISTER's what they call my dad. Just call me Sam!"

- Signs saying "50 th" and "S48 th" are blanked

- 2 second cut of the Eggfort guns firing again is cut

- 2 second cut with the removal of a scene-transition

- 5 second cut of the Eggfort locking onto the X-Tornado

- When Decoe and Bocoe are fiddling around with the controls to fire on the X-Tornado a second time, the dub adds horrible "working", "fixing up", or "being clumsy/stupid" SFX that you'd usually find in an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

- 4kids reverses this scene:

- The guy on the Navy ship looking through the binoculars originally asked the question "Where has Eggman gone?" (Egguman wa doko da?), which is a good question because he just fell into the ocean. The dub has him say "He just might win!", which can either mean the entire, overall battle with Eggman or the battle THAT HE JUST WON.