"Eiyuu Sonikku wo Oe!"
(Chase After the Hero Sonic!)
"That's What Friends Are For"

Thankfully the amount of scene-shorteners wasn't as much as it was last episode. Helen's voice is great.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

3/3:27 - Zoomin on the Thorndyke mansion
1/6:16 - A second cut because of the altered scene transition listed below
1/7:46 - A zoomin of the Thorndyke mansion
2/9:44 - A fighter pilot in a fighter plane listening to orders
1/11:10 - Sonic running with the boat in tow on the highway
1/13:09 - A GUN helicopter coming towards Sonic and Helen in the boat on the lake
1/13:09 - A GUN helicopter coming towards Sonic and Helen in the boat on the lake
1/17:24 - View of the white flowers
1/18:18 - View of the ocean from the cliff that Sonic and Helen almost ran off while being chased
1/18:26 - View of the grabling-hook guns pointed at Sonic/Helen
1/18:29 - View of just Sonic's face, not moving at all
2/18:33 - View of the helicopter just after a dub commercial break
6/22:32 - Very slow panout of the view from outside of the window Helen's mom and dad just left
2/22:35 - Another panout from that very same window, but to the tree Sonic is laying on

- Whee, "sign" cuts in the first ten seconds of the episode. In the original, Jerome read a newspaper saying "FORT OF EGGMAN FALISI" and "EGGMAN BASE FINSLLY COLLAPSED". In the dub, it's changed to "EGGMAN BASE DESTROYED!" and "Citizens Cheer Great Victory!"

- And just a few seconds later, a typo in the original is fixed: "hedgeheg" to "hedgehog".

- A 6 second closeup of Helen's wheelchair stuck in the dirt and a pan up to her face is cut.

- 4 second cut of birds/seagulls flying over the lake

- 6 second cut of a closeup of the pinkie-swear between Sonic and Helen

- Two different scene transitions between the versions: Blur to new, and slide to new.

- Red wine has been recolored to become orange drink:

- Dub Tanaka pun (!) before attacking Jerome's men: "Stand back Ella, this time it is my turn to clean up the house!"

- 5 second cut of Tanaka bowing and its associated scene-transition cut (the dub hard-cuts to the next scene):

- 7 second cut of a full-face closeup of Jerome:

- 6 second cut of drunken reporters saying that Sonic isn't coming back (? He never came) and that they should go home.

- White wine is changed into orange juice (Dub Jerome even says it himself, "Now then, freshly squeezed juice anyone?"):

- 1 second cut of Jerome from behind

- Jerome's beer/champagne bottle is now a giant piece of salami. Crazy...

- 8 second cut of Jerome refilling the reporter's drinks, and wiping his brow.

- "SHOP SHOP" is removed from the sign of the shop at which Helen's father (Douglas, unnamed in the dub) works:

- When the GUN helicopters arrive (but before they rock the boat), Sonic says "They've come again!", but there's no mouth movements/dialogue in the dub, and no time cut.

- 9 seconds of a drunken reporter slamming a glass down, telling Jerome that he's drank/drunk it, and Jerome refilling it.

- After Sonic gets off the lake on onto solid ground and zooms into the cover of some trees, in the dub, the pilot of the helicopter tells the commander that "The target appears to have left the forest"; this is wrong, he just ENTERED the forest.

- 2 second cut of a view of The White Flowers on Top of the Hill (find the reference!)

- After Sonic runs up the rope into the helicopter, the pilot guy lunges at him and falls out. The dub adds a funny line: "Call me!"

- 5 second cut of the Sonic-driven helicopter flying over the flowers

- As with cars, the seat is on the right side in the helicopter in this episode. In the United States, it's on the left. The dub doesn't mirror this scene to make it look more American!

- The wine bottles and glasses are removed from the scene where Jerome tries to get the reporters to take pictures of Sonic shaking the President's hand

- 5 second cut of Helen's dad getting beer/wine/some bottle out of a cupboard

- The bottles that Helen's dad took out in the above cut are shown from the shot outside the window, but colored orange: