"EGGUMAN Kichi Sokkou Geki! (Kohen)"
(The Attack on Eggman's Base (After))
"Beating Eggman (Part 2)"

This episode is absolutely CRAZY on scene-shorteners. See Episode 12 for French title notes.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

4/1:39 - Pan along the crowd watching the President's speech [the crowd including Danny]
1/1:50 - Shot of the President not talking
2/2:11 - Planes flying in
2/2:14 - Missiles firing from Eggman's island
5/2:19 - More planes flying in, and a long pause after the hatch containing the missile Knuckles is on opens
2/2:26 - Knuckles sitting on the missile before it's launched
1/2:40 - Speedup of Knuckles flying towards Eggman's tower
2/2:46 - Knuckles climbing up the tower
2/2:53 - Rouge, Topaz and the team running inside the base
2/2:56 - More of Rouge, Topaz and the team running inside the base
1/2:58 - Shot of a closeup on Rouge's eyes
1/3:08 - One of Eggman's robots stomping down the hall
6/3:23 - Tons of snippets of Stewart caught in that wind generated by Funfun
2/3:30 - The X Cyclone falling out of the sky and landing in the cornfield
3/3:44 - Funfun just standing there with its blades spinning
1/4:07 - Amy, having saved Francis, looking at Chris/Funfun
1/4:13 - Tails coming to from unconciousness
3/4:17 - Funfun before it steps on the X Cyclone
3/4:24 - Funfun just standing there with its blades spinning, again
2/4:32 - Eggman talking and Funfun stepping on the X Cyclone
1/4:40 - Sonic running past Stewart's car
1/4:58 - Eggman talking before Sonic arrives on the scene
1/5:05 - Sonic standing still after he arrives
2/5:24 - Snippets of Eggman before and after he gets blown upwards by Funfun
3/5:32 - Blank sky where Eggman flew off to
2/5:43 - Funfun's rotors having shut down
1/6:19 - Funfun's rotors starting up again
1/7:35 - Chris looking dejected after Francis and him get into the cockpit
2/7:54 - The X Tornado flying off to get Eggman
3/8:05 - Stewart getting out of his car and watching the X Tornado fly off
1/8:15 - Rouge avoiding one of Eggman's robots
2/8:36 - Rouge and Topaz doing a high-five
3/9:15 - Some more missiles hitting Eggman's base
2/9:33 - Shot of Eggman's base on the TV the crowd is watching, and a bit of the pan of the crowd
1/10:05 - Some of the crowd turning towards Danny to ask him what he just said
3/10:31 - Shot of the X Tornado flying in the air, and a closeup of Sonic right after the Eyecatchers and the dub commercial
2/10:33 - X Tornado flying towards Eggman's base
1/10:37 - Topaz and the rest running in the halls of Eggman's base
1/10:54 - Rouge talking before Topaz nods her head to go to the Engine room
1/10:14 - Shot of Topaz' face as a whole bunch of E-13 block their path
1/10:18 - Rouge captured by a robot
1/10:24 - Rouge kicking the robot
1/11:36 - Knuckles plowing through an E-13
2/12:50 - Eggman looking at Sonic sitting on the X Tornado on his video screen
1/13:05 - Decoe and Bocoe with their arms up after Eggman activates his fighter-jet-chair-thing
1/13:09 - The controls before Eggman grabs them
2/13:44 - Snippets as Sonic-tachi avoid the missiles
3/13:47 - X Tornado on the crowd's video screen
1/14:06 - X Tornado flying through the explosions of rockets
4/14:23 - Pan of the crowd
1/14:45 - Sonic just standing still after he breaks in
3/14:50 - Pan down to a door
3/14:53 - Absolutely still shot of that door before Sonic breaks it down
2/14:05 - Guerra-Hard before a red light appears behind it
2/15:14 - Still of Guerra and Sonic before Eggman flies up to it
2/15:32 - Shot of the generator room's fan blade spinning
1/16:11 - Decoe and Bocoe looking at a shot of Rouge on a video screen
3/16:18 - Decoe and Bocoe talking before they lock the doors
2/16:25 - Still of the locked doors
1/16:36 - Another still of the locked doors after Rouge kicks them once
1/16:55 - Still of the doors and Knuckles after he attacks them with his fists many times
1/17:50 - Guerra's hand as it goes to smash Sonic against the wall
1/17:54 - Still of Guerra's hand after it smashes Sonic against the wall
3/19:16 - Still of the split-screen between Sonic and Eggman after he escapes...we went for a full minute without any scene-shorteners!
1/20:35 - After another amazing full minute without any scene-shorteners, we see one of the outside of Eggman's tower as it's exploding due to Sonic
3/21:26 - The team running on the sand outside of Eggman's base before the Chaos Control-like energy appears
1/21:37 - The Chaos Control-like energy growing larger
1/21:40 - Rouge, Topaz and Knuckles before they get engulfed in a dust cloud
2/22:01 - More pan of the crowd celebrating

Total Scene-Shorteners: 70 (SEVENTY)
Total Time Lost: 132 seconds (2 minutes, 12 seconds)

- A 30 second recap is added, and a bad pun from the announcer: "Chris and Tails discovered the location of the third Chaos Emerald, but their plan to unearth it was gone with the wind", referring to Funfun.

- On the billboard below the President's speech video, a sign saying "KIKIKIKIKO BEER" is changed into "COLA", and the white foamy bit is colored brown (because cola is brown)

- 3 second cut of a view from behind a fighter jet

- Originally while riding the missile, Knuckles acted like a cowboy and said "YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWW!". He just laughs in the dub.

- Dub Eggman semi-pun while Funfun is stepping on the X Cyclone: "Show that furry urchin who's in charge! Put your foot down!"

- Dub Sonic pun, "to" Funfun after it starts up again: "Guess I'll have to knock the wind outta ya!"

- After Eggman grabs the yellow Chaos Emerald from Tails, a 1 second scene with three yellow lines where the emerald was is cut

- E-13 gunfire is changed into laser SFX.

- Knuckles dialogue is changed from originally saying that he can't allow Eggman to do evil deeds, to stealing all the glory from Sonic and how he thinks Sonic will act when he find out he destroyed Eggman.

- X Tornado gunfire changed into laser gunfire

- 2 seconds are removed of a shot of certain people in the crowd of people watching the attack on Eggman's base.

- Guerra-Hard keeps its name, but not its number (E-18), in the dub. ("Run all you like, Guerra-Hard will still pulverize you!")

- After Sonic blasts a hole in the door Knuckles and Rouge were trying to break through:

Original: Knuckles-"That damned Sonic...Hey, let's get out of here quickly!" Rouge-"What'd you say? I saved you, but you won't even thank me?" "I didn't ask you to save me!" "You're terrible!"

Dub: "What a showoff...Get off, I wanna fight too." "Don't give me orders! I'm in charge of this operation; you follow MY lead!" "Yeah? Well, following you what's got us trapped to start with!" "You're cute when you're ang--" [Topaz interrupted her on "angry"]

- 6 second cut of Eggman's base falling to the ground

- "DO NOT PASS" sign is blanked:

- Sonic's Engrish lines "HEY!" and "HERE I AM!" are obviously not said in the dub.