"EGGUMAN Kichi Sokkou Geki! (Zenpen)"
(The Attack on Eggman's Base (Before))
"Beating Eggman (Part 1)"

Regarding the French word "Echec" in the title, various sources say that it can be "Fight", "Failure", and "Chess".
Because "Chess" is the one I've seen most often, that's what it shall be. Don't try to make sense of it.
Thanks to Random Talking Bush for helping me even more with the French title.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

1/4:16 - Zoomin on Stewart's car in the school parking lot, tracking Chris with the bug
1/4:39 - Zoomin on the White House
1/4:44 - Shot of the model of Eggman's tower before a guy takes the top off
2/7:46 - Mr. President talking on the phone and turning around
1/8:32 - Shot of Stewart's GPS/GFS video-screen
4/10:18 - Stewart driving on the highway after Tails transforms the X Tornado into the X Cyclone
2/10:24 - Lots of tiny snippets inside Stewart's car
2/12:08 - Shot of the front of the Navy ship making waves/wake
1/12:14 - Shot of a guy messing with the spy equipment
1/12:17 - Pan from the spy equipment to Eggman's base
1/12:26 - Snippets of the infomercial
1/13:35 - TONS of snippets as Funfun launches
2/14:06 - Stewart driving along a dirt road
1/14:19 - More shovel digging
1/14:45 - Shot of Funfun, the X Cyclone turning around
1/15:18 - Shot of Funfun's rotor blades spinning
1/16:20 - Shot of Mr. Stewart driving after the tracking device is blown off Chris' head
1/16:52 - Pan up Eggman's base
1/20:43 - Stewart walking back to his car after finding the tracking device without Chris
1/20:46 - Funfun's rotor blade spinning
3/22:00 - Stewart driving right after Tails in the X Cyclone gets blown away, and the grass/dirt is flying towards him
1/22:15 - Stewart holding the voice-changing device (?) as he calls the Thorndyke's house

- 4 second cut...the first four seconds of the episode...this is showing a view of the Thorndyke mansion from above

- The text "WALK EARTH" is erased from the book Sonic is reading on the roof

- An odd change, the stuff on the TV has changed between the two versions after Ella brings in her pie:

- 4 second cut of Tanaka watching Ella walk up the stairs/Tanaka just standing there after Ella throws water on Jerome

- Dub Rouge pun: "You don't need him [Sonic] in the game...not when you've got me going at bat for ya!"

- Signs are messed with as Stewart drives his car through town:

- Signs are messed with on stores as Stewart drives onto the highway:

- Signs are messed with when Stewart doea a U-turn on the highway:

- 7 second cut of random leaves in a field before the X Tornado touches down

- 3 second cut of men in the cockpits of fighter jets

- The number for the infomercial (TEL 0120-XXX-123/01L) Eggman is watching is erased

- When the "Chaos Emerald news report" comes over the infomercial, a "Technical difficulty" picture appears. This stays on until the broadcast is over (even with the zoomout). The dub "fixes" this by reusing the glitched-video of the infomercial.

- Funfun keeps his name, but his E-# (E-35) is not mentioned

- When Amy is blown backward by the wind, we "accidentally" see up her skirt. This is kept in the dub!

- Dub Eggman pun: "This is the most Funfun I've had in a long time!"

- Dub Stewart says "That cornfield must be around here somewhere". How does he know that Chris and the tracking device are in a cornfield? Guessing by the environment they/he are/is in?

- 4 second cut of Chris holding Francis down (from above) is cut

- 3 second cut of Stewart heading in the other direction after the tracking device is blown off Chris' head

- 4 second cut of a Navy ship getting hit by a missile, and shots of an E-13 firing

- 4 second cut of a TV crew setting up to film the President and a guy running

- A funny line missing from the dub before the President goes live on the air: "It's cloudy today...it's cloudy today."

- Shot of "HHLLO HHLLO" is removed from a banner under the TV where the President's speech is being delivered

- A shot of an E-13 firing (from a different angle) is removed

- 2 seconds of the time bomb counting down readded after the dub commercial break

- 7 second cut of an aircraft moving of the way and the camera panning a little (to the missiles being loaded); the dub adds a scene-transition where there was not one in the original.

- 11 second cut of the plane Knuckles is hiding in getting ready to take off, a shot of the air traffic control tower, and a bit of the plane going down the runway

- 2 second cut of the satellite dishes on top of Chuck's lab/garage

- 4kids has dub Eggman try to imitate the Japanese Eggman's "OH HO HO HO HO", and makes it sound bad, once again. Later in the series (say, Episode 70) they finally make it sound good.

- Dub Eggman semi-pun: "Knocking the wind out of your puny X Cyclone will be a breeze!"

- Dub adds a "What will happen next time, tune in and find out" thing: "Can Sonic get to his friends fast enough to save them? Find out...next time!"