"Utsukushiki Kaitou Ruju"
(The Beautiful, Mysterious Thief Rouge)
"Fly Spy"

The title of this episode is "Utsukushiki Kaitou Rouge".
Utsukushiki means "beautiful", Kaitou means "Phantom Thief"...
So literally, the title is "Beautiful Phantom Thief Rouge".
But "The Beautiful, Mysterious Thief Rouge" is more of the accepted title.
The French title can be translated as "Flight of the Bald Mouse" or "Flight of the Bat".
Thanks to Random Talking Bush for help with the French title.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

3/1:30 - First three seconds of the episode is shortened, shows Rouge with her Treasure Scope on (from Sonic Adventure 2)
1/1:36 - Rouge looking at the building right after taking her Treasure Scope off
1/2:49 - The glass protecting the jewel before it slices in two due to Rouge's kick
1/4:11 - The beginning of a scene-shortener to Chuck's lab from outside
2-3/4:35 - Cream watching Scarlet Garcia's news report about the robbery
1/5:10 - The Chaos Emerald reading indicator aboard the X Tornado
1/6:40 - More pan of the children drawing in Mr. Stewart's class
2/6:58 - Stewart behind Danny/Chris before he looks at Chris' Emerald painting
1/7:41 - Shot of the school from above before Chris rushes out
1/8:27 - Shot of the "FACTORY" sign when Sonic reaches it
1/9:28 - Extra pan of the interior of the building when Rouge reaches it
2/11:00 - Shot of the sun getting ready to set
1/13:29 - Shot of the Army/SWAT plane flying in the air
1/13:34 - Pan into the plane is cut short
2/14:17 - Shot of plane flying above some clouds before the pilot announces the drop point
1.5/14:52 - Still of the top of Eggman's base
2/15:04 - Pan of the base thru that guy's binoculars (he's looking for a way in)
2/15:33 - Shot of a blank hallway, camera looking at a door that says "E-17" (which is kept in the dub)
1/16:13 - Shot of Eggman sleeping
1/17:36 - After Rouge knocks down the door of the Chaos Emerald room, Topax takes a second before coming into view
2/18:25 - Various snippets as Rouge goes to do her Screw Kick on Noizi
1/18:40 - Eggman before he falls out of his chair due to being startled awake by Noizi
1/18:53 - Noizi's megaphone-speaker
2/19:41 - Rouge running from E-13's rocket fire
2/20:30 - Debris falling after a rocket hit the Chaos Emerald chamber
1/22:13 - Eggman's base with smoke coming out of it, and the sun
2/22:43 - Last two seconds of the episode are cut, this being a shot of the school from above

- 2 second cut of two satellite dishes outside of the building

- 11 second cut of two security guards playing Blackjack, one of them keeps losing

- 4 second cut of Rouge backing away from the glass, and a closeup of her face

- Originally, that one security guy laughs because he says "Now she's trapped like a rat!...well, bat, I mean"

- 3 second cut of the security men running for a door

- Originally, the security men yelled like crazy when they figured out Rouge got in/out through the glass roof

- Rouge's dub voice and associated dub music is very sultry and good.

- 3 second cut of the chalkboard saying: " THEME "Things that I want" "

- More posters inside the class are blanked:

- Originally, when Topaz goes to handcuff Rouge, she says "You like rough play, do you?", but in the dub it's "You know, you're pretty tough for an old lady"

- 3 second cut of everyone standing in the President's office before Rouge asks for a cup of coffee

- Now when asking for coffee, the original Rouge calls Topaz an old lady, and the dub Rouge called her a nag

- Rouge insults Topaz two different ways in the two versions when aboard the plane, after having the bracelet bomb attached to her:

Original: This sure is tacky! Did you pick this out?
Dub: Looks like something an old lady would wear. Why don't you try it on?

- Lots of cuts and additions right after the guy activates their tracking system, and no time losses, but...

- 6 second cut of additional running down the hallways, and more of the tracking system

- 5 second cut after the SWAT/GUN guys go down the ropes, this is of a pan showing the sky at dawn, sun soon to rise

- 5 second cut of Rouge looking around the room, finally coming across the Chaos Emerald chamber

- 1 second entire cut of the lights above the door containing E-70 (Noizi) blinking

- 4 second addition of Topaz caught by Noizi after the dub commercial break

- Original, when Noizi turns up its volume, it begins to emit high-pitched Japanese words along with it, including "iiya" (No), "Kowai" (Scary/I'm scared), "Dame" (it's no use/hopeless), and what sounds to be "tasukete" (Save me/Help me) and "yada" (No/I don't want that)

- Noizi keeps its name, but E-14 is named "Sneezer".

- "Screw Kick" is not named in the dub.

- E-13's gunfire is changed into laser fire SFX.

- The "Topaz needs to lose weight" joke is kept:

Original: "Thank you Rouge" "Don't mention it...although, you are heavy."
Dub: "Rouge, I don't know how to thank you" "I do, lose some weight"

- When Stewart wakes Chris and Danny up, they originally say together "It was a hoax!". 4kids does some weird stuff here. Instead of having full mouth movements when they would be saying "It was a hoax!", they have the kids being startled and keeping their mouths open. Instead of pausing the video there, they loop the few frames where their mouths are open, but the frames they chose are different: One bit of frames have their mouths fully open, but the other frames have their mouths partially open. What results looks reaaaaaaaally odd. No time loss is noted.

- Originally after waking them up, Stewart says that if they were up all night looking for that red emerald, it turns out he was mistaken. He says he's sorry, and Chris/Danny say "No, it's alright...". The dub doesn't mention that he was mistaken, it just has him say if Chris/Danny have adventures, they need to get to bed on time.