"Gekitou! Sonikku Yakyuugun"
(Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team)
"Unfair Ball"

I really had no clue what "Equipe" [title] meant in French,
until viewing a Sonic Heroes commercial which cleared it up.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

1/2:28 - Shot of Alfred Butler, the caretaker of Diamond Stadium
1/2:36 - Shot of the floor as Tails walks into the Stadium
2/2:40 - Pan up the stairs
1/4:58 - Scarlet and her cameraman looking at the beam from the Chaos Emerald
1/5:02 - Knuckles watching the beam
1/5:36 - A shot of Amy before she picks up a knife/fork
1/7:25 - Shots of everyone dodging Bokkun's balls
1/7:27 - Shot of Bokkun spinning before Ella grabs him
2/7:35 - Shot of the outside of the house before/after Bokkun is thrown out
1/7:37 - Snippets after Ella throws Bokkun out
2/7:54 - Shot of the beam of light from just outside Diamond Stadium
2/9:46 - When Sonic first arrives, he runs three circles around Tails and Knuckles, but only two in the dub
2/10:16 - Shot of the Ballios "UFO" shadow above the gang
1/10:18 - Pan from Sonic up to the UFO
1/10:37 - Shot of Ballios lined up before Eggman jumps down
2/12:16 - Chuck crying into his shirt sleeve
2/14:10 - Chris dumbfounded at how fast the ball came toward him (Strike 1)
1/14:23 - Chris looking dejected after just getting one out
1/14:32 - Ballios ready to throw with Tails on the base
1/15:08 - Ballios lands sooner after being thrown to catch a ball
1/15:50 - Just pink speed-lines just before Sonic races to catch a seemingly home run ball
6/16:23 - Scarlet Garcia offcamera asking if they're ready/on the air.
4/16:38 - Extra Scarlet Garcia talk on-camera before they show a shot of Eggman
2/17:08 - Extra Scarlet Garcia talk before she ends her broadcast
1/17:23 - Closeup of a Ballios' face as Cheese is up to bat
1/19:05 - Chris with his eyes closed as a ball zooms for him
5/21:50 - Extra Scarlet talking before the crowd cheers at Emer/Elmer Johnson walking out
2/22:01 - Extra Emer Johnson walking

- 3 seconds of the Diamond Stadium from afar (and some trees) is cut.

- The original Japanese version, Alfred is probably afraid of Tails (besides being bipedal and talking) because he's a "kitsune", the Japanese word for "fox". In Japanese folklore, kitsune are said to be highly magical, sometimes tricksters.

- The sign "DIAMOND STADIAM" is fixed to "DIAMOND STADIUM". Of note, there is one shot in the Japanese version where it is spelt correctly, the shot with the picture of the team.

- In the Japanese version, Bokkun has a little "now, this mecha will automatically..." thing, and today's is "Now, this mecha will automatically start batting", and the dub has him say "You guys might be a little rusty, so how about some batting pratice?"

- Semi-pun, after Ella throws Bokkun out:
Chuck: "What kind of pitch was that?"
Chris: "I think it was a screwball"

- 2 second cut of Tails running with the Green Emerald in tow as Eggman's mechanical hand chases him

- Text from billboards are removed, including one saying "Thanks", and another saying "Creamy" (which I couldn't get a good shot of because the scene is so fast)

- 4 second cut of shots of the Ballios right after they first appear

- The name Alfred Butler is changed to Albert Butler.

- Chuck has a weird black block on his sleeve in the dub. A sign saying "2xRythm" (a reference to the Sonic Drive OP) is covered by Chuck's sleeve (you can't see it even in the Japanese version), but the blanking block is still there, so it looks like it was blanked through his arm...

- A funny bit of dub lines, which wasn't done like this in the original:

Chuck: Alright everybody! Time for the Chaos Emerald Baseball Playoffs!
Eggman: It's the first annual Eggman Intergalactic Baseball Challenge!
Knuckles: This is sad.

- Originally Chuck says Eggman has a weird stance (which is odd to note), and in the dub it's using a corked bat (which increases success)

- An odd change. As Chris racks up three strikes (which leads to an out), the camera focuses in on the scoreboard, watching the strike/out/ball meter. In the original, two of the three green "strike" panels light up, and then fade out and a red "out" panel lights up. In the dub, all three panels light up and then fade. No time loss is noted.

- 3 second cut of a Ballios running with another Ballios in his hand, throwing him up to catch the ball. The dub cuts the running and just goes into the throw.

- A breaking-the-fourth-wall moment in the original: After Sonic catches the ball (and Chuck says it's still a homerun), Sonic says "What are you worried about? This is an anime!", while Dub Sonic says "Who says we gotta play by the rules anyway? Cut me some slack!"

- 3 second cut of Scarlet asking "Why are they doing this?" [playing baseball] from in the seating area

- 6 second cut of Scarlet's broadcast on multiple TVs

- 2 second cut of Scarlet all bug-eyed close-up on the camera (XD)

- 7 second cut of Chuck whispering to Cream what he wants her to do, and Cream walking toward the base.

- 8-9 second cut of Cream telling the Ballios that she wanted to say that she loved from the first time she saw him, and Ballios "blushing"

- Cream originally flatters the Ballios by saying she loves him, but in the dub it's going easy because she's "never played before"

- 2 second cut of an elderly couple sitting in the seats

- 2 second addition of the Ballios throwing the ball and Chris' face replayed after the commercial break.

- When Sonic and Knuckles land after Knuckles blows up the Ballios, Sonic's arms are blue:

- Dub Amy, after Eggman looses the game and retreats: "Now he has both the Chaos Emeralds." This is wrong, as he only has one. Tails still has his green Emerald.

- The animators decided to make pictures that look like real people sitting in the stands in some shots:

- Dub Emer says he'll move the baseball turf to the new stadium, but originally he said he would leave the field and its care to Al (whose name is kept in the dub, BTW)