"Nagisa no Emi"
(Amy on the Beach)
"Last Resort"

Again the script is really good, so this comparison is really nothing other than cuts.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

1/1:30 - 1st second of episode cut
1/1:36 - Palmtrees
2/1:40 - Boat/raft
1/1:46 - Couple dining at sunset
2/2:14 - Sonic resting on ledge in Chuck's garage
0.5/2:54 - Before flashback to Episode 1
4/2:56 - Pan of pool area
2/4:37 - Of Chris in awe of X Tornado flying overhead
1/6:39 - Shot of the sunset
2/7:32 - Octoron (E-38) descending under the ocean
1/8:55 - Hotel guests running for their lives
1/9:23 - The Quizon (E-39) coming in from the ocean
1/9:27 - Quizon heading towards hotel
1/10:37 - Sonic's flowers in a vase
2/11:36 - Bokkun flying off
1/12:01 - Pan down to Hotel Blanco all smokey after both commercial breaks
2/12:34 - X Tornado engines firing up to go help Chris
3/14:26 - Sonic trying to escape Octoron's tendrils
3/16:08 - Octoron smokey resdue from having exploded
3/16:55 - Amy holding the shell-necklace
1/17:06 - Sonic reaching for the necklace
6/18:20 - Amy looking at the crushed necklace in her hands before she gets really angry
1/18:30 - Amy with her fire eyes
1/19:16 - Amy continuing to chop down the combined Quizon
1/19:43 - Just blank ocean, Eggman is under the water after Amy smacks his Egg Mobile
1/20:05 - Sonic watching the huge splash Amy caused when she smacked Eggman again
4/20:23 - Various underwater snippets when Sonic comes to rescue Amy by diving underwater
1/20:51 - Sonic & Amy running along the beach in Amy's dream
2/20:53 - More Sonic & Amy running along the beach in Amy's dream
1/20:56 - Even more Sonic & Amy running along the beach in Amy's dream
0.5/21:05 - Sonic slowing down/stopping along the beach in Amy's dream
1/21:15 - Sonic turns around sooner on the beach in Amy's dream
1/22:10 - Amy before she lifts her head, crying over the bracelet

- The invitation originally says:

"Invitation to
the Opening Ceremony
Hotel de Blanc

We cordially invites you and a guest
to our Grand Opening Party
on Sunday, the first of May
at twelve o'clock In the noon
Reception Hall
Hotel de Blanc"

The first paragraph is kept, but the second "paragraph" is replaced with a picture of the hotel.

- 3 second cut of the X Tornado's wheel before it takes off.

- 3 second cut, after the dub intro, 3 seconds of waves washing up on the beach are cut.

- 4 second pan of the Hotel de Blanc, following the coastline to the Thorndyke villa.

- 4 second cut of Amy swimming underwater with only a mask on. The dub only shows two seconds out of this six-second scene.

- 3 second cut of a seagull flying right after the above cut and before Amy pops up out of the water.

- 6 second cut of Cheese dancing in front of the ocean, and Cream/Tails building a "sandmound"

- 4kids likes to add frivolous SFX when events happen; aka when the coconut that ruined Amy's daydream skips across the water, and flies through the air

- The Quizon are saying "O sore, sore, sore, ben sore" over and over while they deconstruct, which can be translated as "OK, here we go!" or "Alright". As the huge hotel building crumbles, they shout "DEMOLISH!". The dub Quizon do not say these things.

- 4 second cut of an Eggman Statue of Liberty and another structure being put up

- "Eggman's Sea Park" is changed into "Eggman's Scream Park"; 4kids could have misheard this, hence the change.

- 4kids just has to make Eggman do that "OH HO HO HO HO" thing again. Mike, it's not you. Anyone other than Chikao Otsuka (Eggman's Japanese VA) who even attempts to try that will sound bad.

- Originally, when Eggman on the TV says "Eggman Sea Park", Bokkun is supposed to say it along with Eggman, but he doesn't in the dub.

- Dub Bokkun pun: "Stop by, we'll have a real blast!"

- Octoron's name is kept, but his E-number isn't mentioned.

- E-39/Quizon's combined form is called "Serpenter" in the dub, but has no name in the original.

- 1 second of "Serpenter" added after the dub break.

- 6 more seconds of Amy knocking off Quizon's blocks one by one are cut. This is pretty much shown already, but it's not a scene-shortener; also Quizon is shorter (more blocks knocked off) after this scene in the dub.

- 1 second of Amy knocking off one more of Quizon's blocks before she bashes his head in

- Originally as Sonic is diving down to save Amy, Amy says "No Sonic, you can't swim..." then faints/loses conciousness.