"Kinkyuu Hasshin! X TORUNEDO"
(Emergency Launch! X-Tornado)
"Satellite Swindle"

Scene-shortening cuts machine go! I strive for detail...

2/1:43 - After Eggman users the robot slot machine, a black screen before we see E-90 (Super Sweeper).
1/1:50 - Shot of E-90 in the loading bay
1/1:54 - Another shot of E-90 in the loading bay
2/2:59 - Right after the shot of the control room, a shot of the military satellite (orbiting the Earth)
1/3:16 - After another control room scene, this is the outside of Eggman's base
3/4:17 - Sonic on the roof before a pan down the house to Cream watching NEXT./
0.5/5:15 - After the TV goes out, Chris has the remote in his hand in this shot.
3/6:34 - Ella and Amy hiding from the Eggman TV, next to the fireplace.
1/6:39 - Tails, Cream and Cheese hiding from the Eggman TV, behind the sofa.
3/6:44 - Sonic and Chris hiding from the Eggman TV, behind the sofa.
1/8:30 - Tornado flying behind E-90 before the missiles/bombs it dropped out start exploding near it.
2/9:50 - Tornado being sucked toward E-90 while Tails struggles to avoid it; this is right after Eggman orders it to do so
1/10:00 - Closeup of Sonic's face while they're trying to escape E-90's suction
4/10:34 - The Tornado spiraling towards the ocean after the engine/propellor gives out. This is right before both versions' commercial breaks.
2/10:47 - Side shot of the Tornado spiraling towards the ocean after the engine/propellor gives out. This is right after both versions' commercial breaks.
1/11:12 - Panning shot of the Tornado in Chuck's garage is shortened. It pans from the left to right; the left is the part shortened.
1/11:40 - Right before Tails goes into the explanation of the Chaos Emeralds and their energy with the Tornado, a shot of Tails' face is shortened.
2/11:53 - Shot of the Tornado having exploded in the fictional scenario Tails describes. Part of it is while the screen is shaking, and the other part is entirety of the screen not moving is cut.
1/13:35 - Sonic watching the sun rise atop the roof of Chuck's lab.
2/14:35 - Sonic on the roof before Tails calls him down with news of the X-Tornado.
1/14:43 - Shot of Sonic's face after Tails runs off to bring up the X-Tornado.
1/14:46 - Far-out shot of everyone facing the garage the X-Tornado will come out of
1/15:21 - Shot of Sonic's face after he sees the X-Tornado for the first time, and right before we see E-90 in space.
2/16:36 - The X-Tornado's engines firing up before it starts moving. The dub starts moving sooner.
1/16:48 - Shot of the palm trees before they are folded down to clear the X-Tornado for takeoff.
1/16:54 - After the palmtrees lower, this is a shot of the X-Tornado and the runway from up above/a far distance ready to take off.
1/17:27 - Shot from way up of the town/city below as the X-Tornado flies upwards toward the camera. The shot shortened is void of the X-Tornado.
2/18:29 - After Sonic smashes into that yellow thing that's firing a laser at the X-Tornado, it bursts into flames and Sonic smashes out of the top of it right before it explodes. This shortened shot is as it's in flames, before Sonic bursts out.
1/18:36 - At Chris' house, the gang is watching E-90 on TV. This is right after the above scene.
1/18:40 - The X-Tornado is trailing E-90. This is right before a cloud bank obscures the shot.
1/18:52 - After Sonic jumps out of the X-Tornado and onto E-90, high winds cause him to hold onto E-90 for dear life. This shortener is a zoomed out shot of that.
2/19:55 - This is one is done as Tails explains how cold it is in the stratosphere. We see dark space and stars in the background.
1/20:33 - This shot is of Tails' face as he recalls what Chuck said about releasing the excess energy.
1/20:53 - A shot of the four colored cables that the ring will be attached to. This is before Chris reaches on-screen for them.
1/21:13 - An outside shot of the X-Tornado, looking at the ring's energy as it surrounds the ship
1/21:14 - A shot of Sonic, still frozen. As the ring energy engulfs Sonic, he is able to move. The dub has him move sooner.
1/21:29 - After Sonic becomes unfrozen, we see a shot of the missiles behind them. The X-Tornado then moves forward. The dub moves forward sooner.
1/21:52 - Shot of the end of E-90's explosion.
2/22:11 - A shot of the Thorndyke mansion from above before we see Sonic's feet in a bucket.
2/22:43 - At the very end of the episode, Amy has brought ice-cream for Sonic. Sonic shrugs at this. This shrug shot is shortened.

- E-90 "Super Sweeper" retains its name and number.

- 3 second "cut" of a zoomin of the screen watching the satellites plop into E-90. This isn't really notable since the dub does keep the shot when it zooms out from this shot

- 2 second "cut" (again), 4kids cuts the first part of NEXT's dance, but the same moves are shown a few seconds later in both the original and the dub, so it's not really a cut. Also, NEXT is telling kids to says "Good Morning" when you greet someone, while the dub NEXT is talking about dancing and that dancing is good exercise. The Japanese NEXT has a really deep voice, but the English NEXT does not.

- The words "NEXT SHOW" are removed from a sign

- Script, Tails and the pie: (T = Tails, A = Amy)
> Japanese:
A: "I hope Sonic will like it!"
T: "I'll take it to him!"
A: "No! I'm going take it to him!"
*Tails is flung at the TV*

> English:
A: "Maybe Sonic would like some pie!"
T: "He can have the other one!"
A: "No you don't! That pie's for Sonic!"
T: "NO ME!"
*flung into TV*

- When the TV goes out, Cream says "Mr. Television died!" in the original, versus "Now we can't watch our program!" in the dub

- 4 second cut of Cream saying "I can't watch NEXT Show!"

- Script, Tanaka when the Eggman TV is showing E-90 swallowing up satellites
> Japanese: "My samurai movies...!"
> English: "And it's ruined our television reception."

- Script, Eggman on the Eggman TV:
> Japanese: "The people of this world enjoy watching just about everything, it seems. I think that they brought this on themselves."
> English: "Don't get any ideas, Sonic! After all, I'm only having a little fun! So stay out of it if you know what's good for you!"

- Dub Eggman calls E-90 by his real name, E-90!

- Script, the end of Eggman's message that causes Bokkun to cry:
> Japanese: "By the way, this mecha [Bokkun] will automatically start crying now."
> English: "Pretty soon you might be obsolete, Bokkun!"

- As Chuck bursts in explaining what a stratosphere is, Dub Chuck is saying "A layer of air miles above us, it's as high as the sky!", which is sort of cute. Mouth movement cuts are noted after "as the sky". The original goes "To put it simply, it's super-super high...at the top of the sky!"

- A purposeful dub pun by Chris after Bokkun explodes: "Looks like that robot's da bomb!". Japanese Chris inquires "What do you mean by super-super high?" [the Stratosphere].

- 4 second cut of the Tornado approaching E-90 from below.

- When E-90 opens a panel and lets what seems to be either bombs or missles, rocket fire SFX is changed into laser sound SFX =\

- The Tornado's gunfire SFX is changed into laser SFX. =\

- 3 second cut of the Tornado approaching E-90 from behind.

- I know it's minor, but as Tails is working on the X-Tornado, Chris comes up behind him and pats his shoulder. In the dub he says "Want some help?", but in the original he says nothing.

- 3 second cut of Chris and Amy waking because Cream is saying the TV is back ("Yeah! Mr. Television came back to life!")

- Dub fixes a ~0.1 second "mistake" of the "Egg TV" "logo" showing for a split second after Eggman's face appears and before it shows his base.

- Script, Eggman on TV:
> Japanese: "Today's broadcast reporter is everyone's idol, Dr. Eggman. The great Eggman-sama's gonna steal your heart, BABY!" ("BABY" is in Engrish)
> English: "Who's the most brilliant scientist in all the universe? *goofy laughter* Why it's Dr. Eggman!"

- 7 second cut of the light shining on and illuminating the X-Tornado's nose, its wing, and a shot of the garage still rising.

- The X-Tornado is renamed Tornado X in this episode, but is rescinded in the next episode when they call it the X-Tornado again.

- Script, Sonic responds to Chris wanting to come along after learning the X-Tornado seats more than two:
> Japanese: "In that case, welcome aboard, buddy." ("Buddy" is in Engrish)
> English: "Just so long as you don't get in the way, okay?"

- 3 second cut of the X-Tornado moving from above

- Script, Chuck at takeoff time:
> Japanese: "No turning back now!"
> English: "I can't WAIT! I'm so excited I could fly!"

- Script, Tails extends the two bottom wings of the X-Tornado:
> Japanese: "Second set of wings flaps, set-up!" ("Set-up" is in Engrish)
> English: "Okay, get ready! We're about to enter X-Hyperspeed mode!"

- 4 second cut of a wheel of the X-Tornado before takeoff

- Animation error: The spot where the gray bolt on the side of Docoe's head is...an eye in both versions.

- Laser fire from the X-Tornado firing at the vacuum of E-90 is changed into 4kids' generic "replacing gunfire" laser sound.

- 1 second cut of more ice covering the X-Tornado.

- Dub Sonic Semi-pun: "Watch out Eggman, I'm all warmed up!", as opposed to the original "The fun starts now!"

- Some dialogue change that shows Tanaka's character: In the original, Tanaka says "What a brave warrior" while in the dub, it's "Guess I better call the cable guy!"

- At the very end of the episode, Amy has brought ice-cream for Sonic. In the original, he says "Wow, too cool!" in Engrish, but only "Wow, cool!" in the dub.