"Daikonsen! KURISU no HOMU PATI"
(Giant Free For All! Chris' Home Party)
"Party Hardly"

AND yet again, most of this episode is just scene-shortening cuts.
Thanks to Random Talking Bush for help with the French title.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

4/1:30 - Again, right at the beginning of the episode. This shows the front of the Thorndye mansion.
1/1:48 - The shut door that Chris just walked through to leave the room after telling Cream and Cheese to stay out of sight.
2/2:04 - Camera zooming into a window of Chuck's lab.
1/2:17 - Zoom into Cream picking flowers while Tails and Amy watch from Chuck's lab.
1/3:00 - In the flashback, this is of the flowers Cream has just picked for her mom.
1/3:34 - Pan over some of the ...food Linsey prepared for Chris is shortened
1/4:43 - The front of Chris' school.
1/5:23 - Cream watching Linsey put up some streamers after running down the main stairs.
3/5:30 - Outside of Chris' school from above.
2/6:07 - Pan of some mountains that Sonic is near (searching for Peace Park)
1/6:11 - The camera is looking at Sonic from the back at a distance, who is looking at the mountains
1/6:12 - Closeup of Sonic, looking at the Peace Park poster
2/8:50 - After Tanaka finds out about Cream/Cheese and they run off again, Chris is looking for them. He opens a white door to his room. This shortener is of just the door before Chris opens it (camera is inside his room)
1/9:14 - Linsey is looking for her dress, yelling to Ella who's in the kitchen holding a currently-off mixer. Right before Ella leaves to go upstairs and help, a shortener is noted.
1/9:45 - The blender and mixer spraying substance everywhere before Ella comes back to the kitchen.
1/9:53 - The same thing happens to Chris, when he comes running into the kitchen upon hearing Ella's screams. Ella is in the kitchen with the blender and mixer going mad before Chris comes in.
3/10:25 - More panning of the rickety/broken bridge before Sonic runs across it.
3/10:35 - Shot of the front of the Thorndyke mansion, right after the above scene, and right before we see Linsey getting ready
3/10:39 - Lindsey messing with her earings. In the dub she only messes with it twice, but five times in the original.
1/11:42 - Extra zooming into Peace Park once Sonic finally finds it. Of note, an Engrish "I found it!" is just "Yeah!" in the dub.
2/12:15 - Tanaka messing with the stuff in Linsey's car's trunk before he closes it.
1/12:42 - After Tanaka has gotten up from bowing to the leaving Linsey, he just stands there with Ella, looking at the camera. This is shortened.
3/13:18 - Lindsey looking sad while riding in her limo.
1/13:23 - Stewart's car going farther through the intersection that Lindsey's limo went through just a second before.
2/13:26 - Shot of the roses Stewart has for Lindsey, right after the above cut.
1/13:28 - Stewart is driving, looking ahead at the road before he pulls the bug device he plans to put in Chris' house out of his pocket.
4/13:32 - Cuts of zoom-ins before and after the twinkle star on that bug device. Basically, they cut the beginning and the end of the zoom-in to the bug device.
2/13:50 - Out in front of the Thorndyke's mansion right before Stewart's car pulls up.
1/13:59 - Mr. Stewart rings the doorbell to the Thorndyke mansion. Tanaka opens the door sooner in the dub.
1/14:57 - Mr. Stewart with his hand on the painting (the one he's going put bug device on) before pulling the actual bug device out of his pocket
1/15:04 - Chuck on the ground, having knocked over the pots.
1/16:21 - Chris and Ella, having just noticed someone coming towards the door (original) / heard Sam's voice (dub), looking up at that door. This is right before Sam walks in.
1/18:14 - After everyone lies to Sam about seeing/knowing about Sonic (who Sam just saw sitting in a tree), he stares in disbelief before rubbing his eyes. Dub rubs his eyes sooner (less of the disbelief shot).
1/19:43 - After Tails and Amy run through the room in front of everyone, everything is still. Dub shortens this.
1/21:25 - Shot of Cream holding plates with Cheese levitating. Cream is looking at Ella right before you see the shot of Sonic watching. This is because Cream's line is shorter.
1/21:28 - Sonic and Chris peaking around the corner at Cream, right after the above note. The dub Sonic starts talking sooner.
1/21:36 - Right after the above cut, Chris opens the door to his bedroom sooner in the dub.
2/22:32 - A shot of a zoomin to a yellow-tinted window from the outside before we see Cream giving Ella her flower-crown thing.
1/22:36 - Ella with the flower crown on her head, nothing moving (Cream JUST put it on).
1/22:42 - The last second of the episode, Cream/Ella/Cheese laughing, the dub does a fadeout to black, while the dub hard-cuts to the credits.

- Script, "Cream picks flowers" scene (A = Amy, T = Tails)
> Japanese:
T: "Is she searching for bugs?"
A: "She's picking flowers!"
T: "If she wants flowers, there are a lot of pretty ones. Why would she be picking those boring ones?"

> English:
T: "I wonder what she's doin' out there, Amy"
A: "I bet Cream is out there gathering some flowers."
T: "She KNOWS we're supposed to stay inside while Chris is at school; what's so important about going outside to pick flowers?"

- 6 second cut of Tails walking along in his "flashback" (with the "omg it's a flashback " border), stopping when he sees Cream picking flowers.

- "PEACE PARK" is erased from the poster Sonic takes off the wall, and subsequently throughout the episode..

- As Sonic grabs the Peace Park poster and runs out of Chuck's lab, Engrish "I got it!" is missing in the dub.

- 1 second of further panning over the food Lindsey made for Chris is cut.

- In the original, Linsey suggests that Sam be invited over. In the dub, Chris does.

- 7 second cut of a pan of the classroom. Maybe cut because of the posters.

- Cream's VA in this episode is better than it is later in the series (example: Episode 66)

- 5 seconds cut of extra panning of some mountains.

- 4kids adds a "fwheeeeee!" sound effect when Chris tries to hide Cream and Cheese from Lindsey by turning her around (after Chuck and Chris flap their arms)

- 3 second cut of a mixer mixing up some pink substance (?)

- 2-3 seconds of extra panning of the food as Cream and Cheese look at it. What you miss is bread, cheese, and a pizza.

- 5 second cut of the bottom of the waterfall before Sonic zooms across a bridge.

- 3 second cut of extra panning over the rickety bridge before Sonic zooms across it.

- 3 second cut of the bridge planks falling into the water after Sonic zooms across the bridge.

- 3 second cut of the entrance to the Thorndyke mansion from above, and Lindsey's limo driving out

- "WORLD Waker" is removed from a book Amy is reading.

- 1 second cut of Amy looking behind a wall scroll for Cream and Cheese (XD)

- An odd change. The design of the painting Mr. Stewart is looking at has changed!

- A joke in the original is that Sam likes to call himself different things through the series. Script, Sam arrives (Sa = Sam, St = Stewart, C = Chuck, Cs = Chris, E = Ella
> Japanese:
St: "Nice to meet you. I am Chris' teacher."
Sa: "Hello. Call me "Sonic Boom"."
C: "It's "Sonic Boom" today, huh?"
St: "Today?"
Cs: "The highway star! Fastest man in Station Square, faster than a storm, the Speed King! That's what it is today, right uncle?"
Sa: "Yup. And today I am also called Sonic Boom. *laughs* By the way, Ella, hasn't this party started?"
E: "It's too early."
Sa: "I do everything fast though. Fall in love fast, engage fast, marry fast, divorce fast! Anyway, if I don't do everything fast I feel weird. I fall asleep fast, wake up fast, talk faster than everyone else. No one can catch up with my jaw."

> English:
St: "Pleasure. I understand you're involved in the highway patrol somehow."
Sa: "Well I don't like to BRAG, but I'm the leader of the S Team."
C: "That statement is only HALF correct." [it is?]
St: "Really?"
Cs: "My uncle drives FAST, no other driver's quick enough to catch him! That's why he's called the Speed King. You came up with the name yourself, didn't you?"
Sa: "Sure! A little self-promotion never hurt anybody! *laughs* Let's cut the chit-chat and get this party moving, it's too slow!"
E: "And your mouth is too fast!"
Sa: [lameness approaches, be ready] "I can't help it that I like speed; I've always been fast. I even beat the doctor to the delivery room. "I was the only kid in town who had a five-speed transmission in my baby carriage. *4kids adds SFX of cymbals clashing, as to signal a joke* I admit it! Even when I'm in the supermarket, no matter how many items I have, I use the EXPRESS checkout! I can't even walk my DOG. I make him run! Hahahaha! *cymbals clash SFX*

- 4 second cut from the flashback to Episode 1. This shows the Super Nitro and the speed gauge going up.

- The background from Episode 1, when Sonic is about to break the sound barrier, is different than the original. This difference was present in the actual Episode 1 also.

- Script, Sam talks to Ella after just seeing Sonic and being lied to that nobody else saw him (S = Sam, E = Ella)
> Japanese:
S: "An illusion. Yes, that's what it was. I AM the fastest."
E: "You aren't talking about a giant talking animal, are you?"
S: "What are you talking about? Oh, did you see something like that too? So it wasn't an illusion. He must be real! I was the first to see him."
E: "I mean, there is one in here."

> English
S: "I saw it! My eyes don't lie. That thing waved at me and ran off!"
E: "You know, they thought I was crazy too when I heard that animal talking!"
S: "Animal talking? Well I didn't hear it say anything, but I'm sure it could understand what I said. We both saw the same creature! That proves that I'm not crazy!"
E: "The animal I heard is over there."

- An odd change here: As Chris explains to Sam that Linsey left, both versions show a zoomin, then the original goes to a closeup on Cream's face, and the dub goes to a shot of Ella and Sam again, but then goes back to the closeup of Cream's face, so there's no time loss or footage loss.

- Script, Cream yells at Chris for talking trash about his mom having to leave:
> Japanese: "How cruel! Apologize right now! She loves you very much! How could you say anything bad about your mother! I hate you! I HATE YOU!"
> English: "You're wrong! Your mom felt VERY badly when she had to go, and she tried to find you to say goodbye! You're lucky! You get to talk to your mom all the time on the phone! I can't do that!"

- 4 second addition of Cream running out the door again and a look at the stunned crowd (before Tanaka talks) after the dub commercial break.

- In the original, Tanaka says he was meaning to tell them about the furries. Dub Tanaka says it was all ventriloquism.

- In the original, Chuck says "Shall we dance?" in Engrish to Ella. Dub says "Would you care to dance?"

- Script, right after the above (C = Chris, S = Sam)
> Japanese:
C: "Uncle! You are the fastest in everything, right?"
S: "Yes! I remember fast and forget fast."

> English:
C: "Well Uncle Sam, I hope you can come and visit me again."
S: "Yeah, but you know me Chris, it'll have to be a quick visit!"

- Before Sam puts the bug back in his pocket, in the original he says "It just really is such a great painting.", while the dub says "I guess I've seen and heard enough." The dub retained the "Stewart vs. Painting" joke up until now.

- Dub changes the SFX as Chuck twirls her.

- In the original, Cream is extremely polite, and keeps calling Ella "Ella-san", and Ella says "Just 'Ella' is fine". Script, Cream and Ella in the kitchen (C = Cream, E = Ella)
> Japanese:
E: "Oh really! You should have told me earlier! I hope everyone can go back to their home world soon."
C: "Yes. We're all working very hard to gather the Chaos Emeralds!"
E: "I bet you're sad being so far away from your mother."
C: "It's okay. Because everyone is here with me, I'm not sad. Ella-san, you're a very nice person."
E: "Just call me 'Ella'. 'Ella' is fine."
C: "Ella...-san."

> English:
E: "So the only nutty thing in my kitchen is my pecan pie! What a relief! I'm so happy that you don't have to hide from me anymore, sweetie."
C: "Yeah, we could be friends and I can help you out in the kitchen!"
E: "You're such a dear; I'm sure your mother misses you terribly."
C: "Please don't worry, Sonic and my friends will find a way to get us all back home, and you can take care of me til then."
E: "I will Cream, I will."
C: "Thank you Ella."

- 1 second cut of a fade from Sonic watching to the door of Chris' bedroom. 4kids removes the fade!

- 1 second of Chris getting off the bed before Cream comes on screen; the dub cuts in right as Chris begins to kneel.

- Script, Cream gives Chris her flower crown (C = Cream, Ch = Chris, S = Sonic)
> Japanese:
C: "I made these from the flowers Sonic gathered. I made one for Ella too!"
S: "Congratulations!" [<-- Engrish] "Cream only gives flowers to those she really likes, Chris."
Ch: "Really? Did you get one too?"
S: "Of course!" [Engrish]

> English:
C: "You can wear it to school and tell all your friends that I made it for you! Now I'm gonna go give Ella her flowers!"
S: "Way to go buddy! Cream will only give her flower crowns to the people who she really likes alot, like you."
Ch: "Really? You think she likes me?"
S: "You bet!"