(Fierce Battle! School Wars)
"Techno Teacher"

Yet again, most of this episode is just scene-shortening cuts.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

4/1:46 - Extra zooming onto Sonic (who is on the roof of Chuck's lab), RIGHT after the first real cut of the episode.
2/2:01 - Right after Sonic zooms out toward what I think is the rising sun, he disappears. In the original he stays gone for 2 more seconds.
2/2:28 - Chris eating, right after the dub intro and right after the original title card.
2/2:31 - Ella walking in with a bowl of fruit. The dub cuts her coming around a corner into the room.
1/2:35 - A blank spot of the table before Ella sets her fruit bowl down.
1/2:38 - Right before Mr. Tanaka arrives, there's a spot of Chris and Ella from the door. Tanaka then comes in. The dub cuts 2 seconds of this out.
2/3:21 - Sonic eating a hotdog
2/3:23 - Tails eating a hotdog
1/3:25 - Pan up from a shot of Amy's hotdog
1/3:31 - Wideshot of the gang eatinng hotdogs before Chris speaks.
2/3:53 - After Sonic gets up and walks off, Chris is watching him for 2 seconds longer in the original.
~12/6:19-6:31 - See actual cuts below for details.
1/7:16 - Closeup shot of the principal's coffee cup.
1/7:29 - Shot of the principal with coffee on his head. By the way, the dub adds lame "wah wah waaaaaaaahhhhhhh" SFX here.
3/7:36 - Stewart talking to the principal right outside the classroom door before hearing laughter.
1/7:54 - Shot of Francis responding to E-51
1/7:56 - Shot of Danny doing the same
2/8:42 - Shot of the bottom of the toilet/floor Stewart is sitting on.
1/9:23 - Shot outside the police department before we see inside.
2/11:35 - After E-51 hits the balls super-high, Francis is looking at him with wonder. 2 seconds of this wonder is cut. During this, the original Francis also says "He has my respect!"
2/11:50 - Large panned-out shot of the school area before fading into a shot of mountains/clouds
2/11:53 - Large panned-out shot of the mountains/clouds before fading into a shot of the Earth/space
1/13:03 - Ella and Tanaka carrying Linsey and Nelson's baggage into the house from the helipad
3/15:25 - Pan down to the field from high up. This is right after Bokkun arrives and cries.
1/15:38 - Frances. This is as she's talking to Chris (who's about to leave). The scene cut is her lips not moving.
1/16:30 - Eggman is laughing as E-51 is holding onto Chris, asking him to save himself from Eggman. Chris turns and asks Eggman what's so funny. The dub line is shorter.
1/17:03 - Zoomout from Sonic on the roof, right after Chris tries to leave (and E-51 stops him), and right after the dub commercial break.
1/17:09 - Tails and Amy looking through the window at Linsey/Nelson/Chuck waiting for Chris.
1/17:33 - Closeup of the stew that Ella is making. Of note, at this point Ella says that Chris is OK; school just let out. Dub Ella wonders what's keeping him, saying dinner is almost ready.
1/17:41 - Closeup of Tanaka right after a shot that's right after the stew shot.
2/18:19 - Sonic is running through the city. Right before the pan up to reveal most of the city, the shot of the block that Sonic has just run through is shortened.
2/18:30 - Chris, pen in hand, patting the notebook paper with the pen. This is the "sketching Dr. Eggman" scene.
1/18:42 - Right after Eggman poses, Chris, still with the pen in hand, patting the notebook paper with the pen before sighing.
1/18:49 - Right after Sonic speeds past Eggman, Eggman's clothes are rustling in the wind Sonic created.
1/19:20 - Frances and Danny have asked who Sonic is right after Eggman orders E-51 to get ride of him. Chris then gasps. This gasp is shortened.
1/19:40 - As Sonic dodges E-51's missiles, he created a "shield" in front of him as he runs very fast. A closeup of Sonic and this shield is shortened.
1/19:45 - Head-on closeup of Sonic running toward E-51, moments before striking E-51.
3/20:11 - Shot of Sonic and Eggman looking at each other right before Eggman hands Sonic his "Eggman super seal" (Japanese version)
1/20:20 - Right after Sonic refuses it (see above), he turns towards the children sooner in the dub.
1/20:50 - After Chris begins to leave for home, a shot of Sonic (along with Frances and Danny) standing still before he starts after him is shortened

- 8 second cut of a zoomed out view of the Thorndyke's mansion is cut, this is the very first eight seconds of the episode. The dub begins with the zooming onto Chuck's lab (the dub starts zoomed in a little bit so this wideshot as seen in the picture below is never shown)

- Originally as Chris left, Ella mentioned that he hasn't eaten any fruit yet. The dub Chris says he's all done, asks if he can go and Ella allows him.

- After Chris runs off, Dub Ella's line, "Something is up", is added to this previously-dialogueless scene, and it sounds wrong.

- After Chris falls down the stairs, 4kids feels the need to having Chris say "I'm okay!", but nothing was in the original.

- Originally, at the first shot of Eggman in this episode, he is saying "Splash! Crash, crash, crash!" right after we see the shot of waves crashing against his island. He then says "This isn't the time to be making wave sounds!" The dub has Eggman saying he's got to think of a way to conquer Earth.

- 12 second combo-scene-shortener cut of a shot of the class, a panning shot of the chalkboard (a bit of the chalkboard pan is cut because it contained some poster text), a still shot of the class and then a pan of the class (showing Danny, among other things) before we see Stewart sleeping, most likely because of all the posters. All the while, the dub inserts lame dialogue like "That doesn't even make sense!" "I don't even know where to start!" "I'm totally lost!" "Should we wake him up?" "No, don't!" "Then he'll put US to sleep".Needless to say, there is no audible dialogue in the original, just mumbling/background noise.

- Lots of text is erased or changed from posters up on the walls of the classroom:

- I must say, E-51's dub voice is much better than the original's "voice". The original is more robotic. By the way, in the original he says "E-51, classroom robot" when he arrives, but in the dub he avoids the question ("I'll give you three guess, young man!").

- In the dub, Stewart thinls they're replacing him with E-51 and goes to give the principal a piece of his mind. In the original, he says that robot is rude and he'll go to see the principal. Later, as they arrive at the classroom, dub Stewart says "I'm glad to know you never hired that robot; my students will be relieved too.", but in the original he says "Some robot came in and threw me out! You have to help the children!"

- I must express, I think that Stewart's dub VA is very good.

- 4kids makes the SFX when E-51 does the ^_^ with his eyes quieter.

- 4kids removes the word "MEN" from the bathroom sign:

- Stewart's codename is changed from "Teacher" to "Chalkboard Charlie". I must admit it does sound better than "Teacher".

- 4kids adds a "boing boing" SFX sound when Stewart does that twitchy eye thing. I like this.

- When Stewart opens the door to a empty classroom, originally he says "Oh yeah, they go outside for gym class", but in the dub, "That mechanical menace kidnapped the kids!"

- When Stewart steals the hamburger from the cop, the dub says "I'm nailing you for boiger-boiglery" (burger burglary, a New York/New Jersey accent), while the original just does "Assaulting a police officer? You're under arrest!", which isn't as funny.

- E-51 is renamed "Inteligente" (Spanish word)

- 4 second cut of zooming out from the pitcher's mound when E-51 is about to hit the ball with his bat

- All these jokes made by dub E-51:
> "Reminds me of my early days on the cricket field when I was little bigger than a laptop" - No dialogue here in the original
> When Eggman arrives, dub goes "Oh my harddrive, it's you!"; lame. Original goes "Dr. Eggman-sama!"

- Originally E-51's plan is to get the children to respect Eggman by getting them to respect him first. The dub just wants to get them to respect him only.

- Originally Bokkun is crying because he wants people to like him, and not be bullied all the time. Dub Bokkun is crying because Inteligente was crying.

- The colors/text of signs Sonic runs past in town are blurred, recolored, or removed completely:

- Dub Sonic: "I always knew you were a poser, Eggman", is funny. Original: "Eggman, playtime is over."

- E-51's Japanese "Homework attack!" is not named in the dub. =(

- The rockets firing is changed to laser sounds. WHAT O_O

- 3 seconds cut as Sonic and Chris run off to home from the baseball field. The dub shows Chris running alone for a short while before Sonic races past him. In the dub Sonic joins him immediately.

- "Vegan Foods" is removed from a sign.

- Sign cut: "Shiver"

- At the end of the episode, Tails says "Sonic, come here!" in the original, but in the dub he says "It's always feels good to get back home".