"Gekitotsu!! Sonikku vs. Nakkuruzu"
(Clash!! Sonic vs. Knuckles)
"Cracking Knuckles"

Most of this episode is just scene-shortening cuts.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

1/1:39 - A bit of the newspaper blowing against Knuckles' legs before he grabs it.
1/2:57 - Sonic in mid-air after jumping on a robot in the flashback to Episode 1
6/3:37 - Eggman crying to Knuckles before blowing his nose.
2/4:02 - Eggman crying to Knuckles after blowing his nose.
3/4:08 - Knuckles listening to Eggman before putting on a frown.
1/4:12 - Knuckles, right after frowning, looking up in the air. Some mouth movement changes are done so it could be just the line that's shorter.
3/6:42 - In the scene right before Mr. Tanaka bows down to sternly talk to Chuck, three seconds are lost, a scene-shortener. This is just more Tanaka talking to him.
3/7:01 - Right after the crazy Mr. Tanaka bow-sequence, there's a still of Chris and Tails watching them. Then Tanaka pushes Chuck out. The dub goes right to the pushing out, no waiting.
2/7:35 - A shot from behind of Chris/Tails/Amy watching the news report about Silver Valley.
2/7:40 - A shot from the front of Chris/Tails/Amy watching the news report about Silver Valley.
3/9:01 - Three seconds of extra Amy getting mad because of the girl pulling on her ear. During these scene shortener, Amy goes "Damn brat, don't touch me! The only one who can say I'm cute is Sonic!", but there is no dialogue here in the dub.
1/9:27 - Sonic on the roof resting on the balcony with his eyes closed before Bokkun arrives.
3/10:33 - Still shot of the gang looking out on the lake at Silver Valley is shortened.
1/10:58 - Shot of E-47's claw heading to snatch up Chris/Tails/Amy
2/13:28 - Shot Knuckles' feet as he's running. This is right after the original's Eyecatcher.
1/14:31 - Shot of Sonic landing then turning around to see the falling trees. After he turns a shocked expression, this is the shot that's shortened
2/15:48 - Amy saying "Geez" in Japanese is cut right after they see Knuckles fighting Sonic. The dub Amy says "Do they have to fight right now?" at this point.
1/15:53 - Tails opens E-47's control panel sooner in the dub.
1/15:57 - Chris responding to Tails' opening of the hatch is sooner in the dub.
2/16:38 - After the stupid dialogue regarding the direction of E-47 (see below), Sonic has spotted Eggman. A zoomout from Knuckles is cut, so it looks like Sonic lands and runs off sooner in the dub.
1/16:43 - Right after the above dialogue, Sonic has landed and runs off into the distance to get to E-47. Some of the distance covered is cut.
1/18:20 - Eggman leans downwards right before blasting E-47 off in its second mode (after Knuckles attacks one of its turrets)
1/18:26 - Knuckles watching blasting E-47 off.
4/19:12 - Eggman laughing is cut right after he points at E-47 across the lake. The camera was focused on Sonic while Eggman was laughing.
5/19:48 - The gang staring at the downed E-47 before it gets up (and they run away from it)
2/20:12 - After Eggman begins firing rockets from E-47, a shot of him in his Eggmobile, missiles flying by, is shortened.
2/21:24 - After Knuckles smashes E-47, it explodes, sending Knuckles flying. Sonic grabs onto him, and we see Sonic holding onto a tree. This final shot is the one that gets shortened.
2/21:38 - Amy/Tails/Chris blink twice after watching E-47 explode, but they only do it once in the dub.
2/21:41 - Overhead shot of destroyed E-47 and a shot of trees.
4/21:58 - Knuckles watches as Amy hugs Sonic for four seconds longer in the original. During this, Sonic says "How many times do I have to tell you? I'm alright!
2/22:09 - Amy springs off to walk with Knuckles sooner in the dub. The shot shortened is of Amy and Sonic looking in surprise at Knuckles.
3/22:21 - Knuckles and Amy walk together longer in the original before Knuckles yells at Amy.
2/22:43 - Shortening of the last few seconds in the episode, a still shot of mountains and trees.

- 10 second cut - Cuts of Sonic smashing thru some robots throughout the flashback to Episode 1.

- During the flashback to Episode 1, originally there was NO dialogue whatsoever. In the dub, we get these wonderful quotes:

Dub Eggman: "...that's the reason he attacked Chaos Control"
Again: "...finally Sonic invaded Chaos Control"
Again: "...he finally achieved his goal; Sonic destroyed Chaos Control"
> Here the writers STILL think that Chaos Control is the name of Eggman's base...

- In the original, Chris comments that the Chao Emerald looks like an ordinary gem but Tails says it hides incredible power, while the dub wonders about where it comes from.

- Ella's voice is...meh, and her "It's so unclean I'm issuing a dirt alert" is a bit meh too.

- In the original, when Ella comes in the room, she asks "Did your toy just jump this way?" (referring to Tails jumping onto a beanbag and freezing) while the dub goes "I thought I'd find you up here Christopher"

- In the original, Ella suggests Chuck and Chris leave while she vacuums (which they do shortly). In the dub, she talks about how dirty the room is

- The way dub Chuck says "Me too" after Chris says he wants to go outside and play made me laugh (in the original, Chris goes "I'm hungry" instead).

- When Chris bumps into Tanaka while carrying Tails, dub him goes "We were just playing capture the stuffed animal", which is pretty funny. The original said "It's nothing"

- Tanaka has a good voice. Originally when Chuck, Tails and Chris bump into him, Tanaka wants to take Chuck to the swimming club. Chuck declines saying he has research to do, and then Tanaka says that today is Sunday, a holiday, and that he should take more care of himself. The dub has Tanaka saying Chuck should go bowling. Dub Chuck continues, saying he'll play ring-around-the-rosey if he wants to, and Tanaka says he should slow down, rest is important, and that's it's time for his nap. The last bit was funny, but unlike Tanaka it seems.

- Sonic's reason for not going to Silver Valley with the gang is changed from "I don't want to" to "I've already been there".

- Before the girl pulls Amy's ear aboard the train, the original Amy said "I bet they all think I'm cute!" but the dub goes "Hey Chris, I need to blink, what do I do?"

- A little dialogue change with the exploding TV that takes away from the humor: Originally, Eggman just said "Now, this message will explode." Dub Eggman says "This message was brought to you by the Eggman Empire, which is not responsible for its content, except this part", which is when the TV explodes. The dub line isn't as funny to me.

- 2 second addition - Two seconds of footage is actually ADDED right before the dub commercial break. It shows Sonic burnt because of the exploding TV.

- In the original, the group was talking about Sonic and him not coming with them to Silver Valley, and also about having no clues and wanting to look around. In the dub they think more people should be at the scene because of the Chaos Emerald, maybe something else caused the energy spikes, and that even if there is no emerald they can still have fun (hike, swim)

- While in the container of the E-47 robot, 4kids muffles the voices of the characters to add to the "I'm enclosed" feel. The original does not. That was nice.

- Tails originally did not say that he was outfoxed by the Chaos Emerald-like signals, he said "Humans always jump to conclusions, huh?" The dub Tails says "I hate to admit it, but Eggman even had me outfoxed"

- In the original, while atop the highest tree, Sonic says "Oh, what a great view!" in English, but this is downplayed with a not-so-enthusiastic voice and the line "Uh! Not a bad view!"

- When Sonic and Knuckles fall into the shallow water, originally Sonic says "What? I'm not slow!", but this is replaced by "It's lucky I fell in the kiddie pool!" =\

- Amy is shown walking toward the machine with her hammer sooner in the dub, aka Tails has less time to look at the machine, but then some video is slowed or extended before she hits it, making for no time cut.

- 2 second cut - A shot of the machine with Amy's Hammer in it before it starts to spark is cut. The dub goes right into the sparks. In this shot, you can clearly see Amy's panties. In the dub version, it cuts directly to those sparks, which causes a color change around the scene that makes it near impossible to see her panties. In short, 4kids doesn't want you to see panties.

- Dub Eggman is yelling "Get him Knuckles!" in the direction of E-47 (XD) In the original, he is saying "Don't break it! Hey you, stop it!" - referring to the explosion inside E-47 caused by Amy's hammer.

- Chris, Amy and Tails climb out of the hole in E-47. Wouldn't that hurt, putting your hands on broken glass? O_O

- E-47's gunfire is changed into laser sounds =\

- The SFX of rockets firing is changed to SFX of laser fire... ...yeah...

- 7 second cut - Rockets firing, hitting some rocks, and some reused rocket fire footage are cut.

- 4 second cut - One angle of Sonic holding onto Knuckles' hand as the explosion blast wave from E-47 hits them is cut altogether:

- Script, end of the episode as Knuckles leaves (K = Knuckles, A = Amy):
> Japanese:
A: "I know you didn't thank Sonic, but you don't have to leave like that...you were so easily fooled and thought you were quite the idiot, right?"
K: "Shut up!"

> English:
A: "I bet you WANT to apologize to Sonic for believing all the LIES Eggman told about him? And you probably want to thank him too only you're too proud?
K: "Zip it!"