"KAOSU EMERARUDO wo Te ni Irero!"
(Get the Chaos Emerald!)
"Chaos Emerald Chaos"

Today's episode is chalk-full of cuts @_@

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

3/1:36 - A panning shot of the stairs leading to Chuck's lab is cut short.
2/1:49 - Panning shot of Chris talking to Amy/Tails/Cream in the lab is cut short.
1/2:11 - Shot of Cream's when she asks why the Chaos Emeralds won't be found again
2/2:16 - Short panning shot of Chuck's looking down is deleted, instead the dub camera stays in the same spot
2/3:02 - Panning shot of the construction building right after the title card/dub intro
0.5/3:32 - A shot of the President. One of his lines is shorter.
1/3:40 - A shot of the President from the behind, and two of his agents. One of the agent's lines is shorter.
0.5/3:57 - A shot of the red-headed agent. One of his lines is shorter.
2/4:04 - A shot of the sea right after the talk aboard the plane.
2/4:10 - A shot of Eggman's base before the boat pulls up.
3/4:17 - A pan up the guy who waves the beacon is cut short.
1/4:27 - A shot of the President's plane flying.
2/4:43 - A panning shot of the school is shortened.
3/4:55 - Danny talking at school is shortened. This is his first line in the entire series.
3/5:21 - Shot of the Principal as he's talking to the class about their teacher. His lines are shorter.
3/5:30 - Shot of the Principal again as he's still talking to the class about their teacher. His lines are again shorter.
2/5:34 - Shot of the Mr. Stewart's face, smiling. He has his eyes closed.
1/5:49 - Shot of the kids walking in the hallway.
1/5:52 - More shots of the kids walking in the hallway, this one is of Helen being pushed offscreen.
2/6:03 - Short pan up Stewart's body is cut short at the beginning. The dub camera is "higher up" his body.
1/6:19 - Chris' face right after Stewart tells him about his family. This is because Chris' line is shorter.
1/6:21 - Stewart's face right after the above shortener. In this shot he puts his hands on his hips, but in the dub his hands are already on his hips.
1/6:50 - After Stewart asks Chris what his favorite animal is, he asks if that's strange, then we see a shot of Stewart again. In this scene shortener, Stewart is looking slightly to the left and then looks directly at Chris; this is what's cut. However, this is very insignificant.
1/7:15 - A shot of the bulldozer's claw green from striking the Emerald.
1/7:53 - Shot of the logs the dozer went over. The dozer is offscreen at this time.
2/8:52 - After an amazing minute with no cuts, here's one. This is a shot of Cream holding her eyes open reading a book are cut; the dub almost instantly has her eyes begin to close.
5/9:01 - While Scarlet is describing how the viewers' TV might be affected, she has a much shorter line.
1/9:14 - Scarlet holding up a picture of the Green Emerald. Some of the static is cut.
3/10:30 - E-11 "Beacon" preparing to take off is sped up. This is a side view.
3/10:38 - Pan over E-11 "Beacon"'s body.
2/11:01 - Eggman in the Eggmobile talking about making a better mecha with the Green Emerald. He is silent in this cut.
- And finally, the Eyecatcher. So far, there's been about THIRTY-TWO INDIVIDUAL SCENE-SHORTENERS. Keep in mind that the episode is only HALF WAY THROUGH. Thankfully, the second half is much lighter on scene shorteners.
2/13:17 - After Chris sees the Tornado in class, he makes a surprised sound. Stewart is looking at the chalkboard, but he stares at it for two seconds before turning around in the original. In the dub, he turns almost immediately.
2/19:09 - While Tails and Amy are racing to save Chris (who's hanging onto the Eggmobile for dear life), shot of the Tornado from far-away is shortened. Yes, it's been 6 minutes since the last shortener. I told you =P
2/19:24 - Parts of Chris climbing to the top of the Eggmobile (into Eggman's sights) are shortened.
1/19:28 - Eggman doesn't notice Chris as soon as he does in the dub.
1/19:32 - A shot of Eggman gripping the control/steering lever before pushing to the left to knock Chris off.
0.5/20:05 - Shot of Chris falling headfirst to the ground.
1/20:16 - After Stewart activates the air cushion to catch Chris, a shot of Stewart looking forward at the road before looking down at the super-cool road display on his car dash is shortened.

- 8 second cut - Shots of the President's plane are cut, including the water they're flying over and a wing.

- 2 second cut - Shot of the President's face, his eyes blinking is cut. You guys are missing out on some exciting footage here

- A kid in the classroom says "Hey kid, I'll give you 50 cents for your sandwich", which is really lame. In the original, we can't hear what he's saying.

- 3 second cut - Shots of the feet of the Principal and Mr. Stewart walking into the classroom are cut.

- The name of Chris' (former) teacher, "Wendy-sensei", is changed to "Mrs. Westerly". In addition, the original teacher is participating in a trans-continental "Super Quiz" and quit her teaching job. The dub gives no reason.

- After Stewart is introduced, Francis goes "He looks nice, doesn't he, Chris?" while looking at Danny (who turns to look at Francis). In the original, we couldn't hear what she was saying either, much like that kid above.

- 2 second cut - Shots of the feet of the kids walking out of class are cut.

- In the dub Stewart tells Chris that the Principal told him his name and he wonders if he's related to Nelson/Linsey Thorndyke. In the original, he just says his name and blasts him with information about his family. Also, a few seconds later, the original says he's a fan of the two. The dub just said it's an honor to meet their son.

- 4 second cut - Shots of the dozer's treadmills from left then right angles (just mirror the picture below).

- As the dozer brings it claw high up, ready to attack and tip the dump truck over, a darkness that was in the original has been removed in the dub.

- I hate the way 4kids redid Cheese's "Chao" sounds. After Scarlet holds up the picture of the Emerald, dub Cheese busts out with "Chee-Chew!"

- Notable mouth movements cut during one of Eggman's lines after he listens to Scarlet's report, but no time loss.

- I hate the way 4kids does SFX for just about everything to match up with movement on-screen. A sound played while Sonic moves at high speed, sound when Sonic is hopping, when Sonic is blinking, when Eggman walks...;_;

- After E-11 "Beacon" makes the missiles fly into the water, Dub Eggman says: "How do you like 'dem apples? You foolish flyboys thought you could pull one over on the good doctor didn't you? Well, I guess the BAD doctor proved you wrong!" The first part was corny, and in the second part the joke was stretched out way too far. The dialogue in the original: "How's that, how's that? I thought you'd let me enjoy myself much more than this...I guess not."

- As Chris is rollerblading to find the Chaos Emerald, sign cuts are made:

- Scarlet and the other two guys of her TV crew are talking before the guy with the camera sees Eggman. In the original, they are talking about some sports team and various players. In the dub, they talk about how freaky Sonic coming out of nowhere is and now the bit with the Chaos Emerald, which sorta ruins the part when they see Eggman because they're on about the same subject.
> Original Japanese dialogue (R1 = Guy with camera, R2 = guy with purple shirt)
R2: "I think Horie Izumi will have a clean sweep."
R1: "You think? What do you think about the Snakes then? I want to see the closing season."

- As Chris is falling, about to reach the ground, the black "border" from before is on the original. The dub has no border again! Odd...

- Surprisingly, 4kids doesn't seem to notice that Stewart is driving on the "wrong" side of the road (for American audiences), because they don't do a thing about it. Come to think of it, I don't think scenes are flipped at all throughout the entire series. How's that for your Americanization efforts, 4kids?

- A line when the camera is outside of Chuck's lab is missing from the dub: "Look, look, it's a Chaos Emerald!"

- Dub Tails says he'll fix Chuck's machines if they malfunction due to the Chaos Emerald. Chuck then agrees. Tails then says "OK grandpa!" which sounds incredibly weird. In the original, Tails was saying his machine is still working, Chuck notices this and sasys he's sorry, then Tails says "It's nothing".

- Chris was apologizing to Sonic for making him worry in the original, but for losing the Emerald in the dub...

- Eggman's "Ohohohoho" that the Japanese VA is so good at isn't as well-played in the dub. Don't get me wrong, Mike Pollock is a great guy/VA, but that just sounded wrong.