"Dr. EGGUMAN no Yabou"
(Dr. Eggman's Ambition)
"Missile Wrist Rampage"

I like Amy's English voice...it suits her. Knuckles is okay...Tails is still a bit too iffy.

- 1 minute 50 second cut right at the beginning of the episode. =( In the original, it summed up the last 2 minutes and 30 seconds of Episode 2.

- Mouth movement cuts when Eggman is first speaking; the dub makes him talk before the camera shows his lips. Originally, Eggman was shown silent for a bit and then grinned, and then talked. No time losses noted.

- E-23 is renamed "Missile Wrist".

- 4kids likes to make the SFX/music sync up with what's going on on-screen. When Eggman's slot machine stops on E-23's picture thrice, the dub does three "dan dan dan" SFX. Later, 4kids syncs music to E-23 walking in the city, the music getting more dramatic as his metal foot hits the pavement.

- In the original, the music playing during the beach scene was a "happy" remix of Sonic Drive.

- Cream's dub voice in this episode is better than any episode before or after this one.

- At the beach, there is a woman sitting on a chair reading a magzine. The magazine has the text "MOR", which is removed.

- The bullet sounds from the police rifles are changed to laser sounds, which is just laughable. Later, bullet sounds from the Tornado II are also changed into laser sounds. On that note, the plane you see in this episode is referred to by both versions of Sonic X as the "Tornado", though it is technically the "Tornado II". In the Sonic Adventure game, the original Tornado was shot down by the Egg Carrier; Tails finished work on his new plane, the Tornado II, and used that to finally invade the Egg Carrier. The Sonic Adventure adaptation in Episodes 27-31 changes the plane that gets shot down from the Tornado to the X-Tornado.

- As the police are firing their laser-rifles at "Missile Wrist":
Dub Eggman: "There's a word for this...boring"
Heh, that made me laugh...wait...Nooooooooo ;_;
Japanese Eggman: "It's no use, no use!"

- A bit of dialogue change after the blowtorch has no effect on E-23. Originally, Eggman asks who is the one giving orders. The policeman says he is, and Eggman tells E-23 to make an example out of him. The dub policeman (who, incidentally, had an Irish accent in dub Episode 1, but has a normal American accent now) says "We give up", and Eggman says "I can't stand quitters. Give them what they deserve!"

- Of course, you can't have one good piece of dialog without another messing it all up. While Tails is trying to find Sonic, he says "This is like trying to find a hedgehog in a haystack!" Now a hedgehog is obviously much bigger than a needle, and could be spotted very easily in a haystack.

- Chris and Chuck are looking for Sonic in their car, and the camera pans down over a billboard that says "DANTOP". In the dub, it's a splurge of red color.

- Chris and Chuck are driving off, looking for Sonic in their car, and the camera pans up over a billboard that says "FLASH ONE". In the dub, the text is removed (and pretty well, I might add).

- In the original Japanese episode, the Master Emerald is not named, but in the dub it is. Japanese Knuckles just says it has to protect "it", so if you've never played the games before you will have no idea what "it" is.

- In the dub, some girl says "That's a robot on the roof! This could be an interplanetary invasion!", which sounds stupid. In the original nothing is said here.

- And another sign cut a few minutes later. People are watching from a store window Eggman destroying the city and Tails flying around. The store window has a banner that says "TONY", which is blanked out.

- Eggman's "Ohohohoho" that the Japanese VA is so good at isn't as well-played in the dub. Don't get me wrong, Mike Pollock is a great guy/VA, but that just sounded wrong.

- One line that really bugs me is when Sonic is just arriving, Dub Chris goes "It's okay! Help is on the way!", which doesn't describe what help. The original says "It's Sonic! Sonic has come!"

- When Sonic is jumping on E-23's "wrists", the original Knuckles goes "Sonic! It's about time you started to attack!" while the dub goes "Sonic! Try the old 'slip on the wrist'!"

- Script, when the SWAT-like guys with guns arrive: (S = SWAT guy, K = Knuckles)
> Japanese:
S: Raise your hands!
K: What do you want?
S: Just do as we say!
K: You guys are pretty rude, aren't you?

> English:
S: Alright, nobody move.
K: Oh great, now what?
S: Don't try running away.
K: Knuckles NEVER runs from a fight!