"Sennyuu! ERIA 99"
(Infiltrate! Area 99)
"Sonic to the Rescue"

Chris' voice sounds a little bit better and more alike to the Japanese version now.

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

1/2:54 - Shot of Chris from behind when we first see him talking on the phone.
2/4:02 - Chris bowing down when asking Sonic where/when he learned how to talk.
3/5:02 - Chris on the phone from the front. Nelson's dialogue is longer in the original.
2/6:48 - The scientist guy on the TV talks about the "UMA" sighting longer.
2/7:40 - Chris' face as he explains to Chuck that Sonic's not a machine.
2/8:40 - Chris' face as he wonders about Area 99 (before cutting to that overhead shot of it)
2/16:20 - Shot of the security cameras right after they reactivate due to the power cut earlier; this is right after Cream says the power was cut because Sonic has good luck
3/21:35 - After Dub Chuck says "Not very helpful, but interesting", in the original Chris said "Honestly!" and then Sonic scratched his ear. In the dub, Sonic scratches it right away, skipping the line and mouth movements by Chris.
3/21:45 - Tails' line when asking if the others came to this world as well is cut short. This a shot of Tails only.
2/21:50 - Right after the above shortener, this one is of the same conversation but it shows Sonic, Tails, Cream and Chris.

- 52 second cut: Recap of Episode 1 is removed.

- During the conservation on the phone with Linsey, in the original she mentions sending Chris cotton candy, but not in the dub. The dub mentions that presents are coming on his dad's jet , but not in the original.

- Chris' explanation of why he termed Sonic a cat is different. In the original, Chris explains that hedgehogs are usually very small and that Sonic is special, but in the dub it's that "his mom knows he" wouldn't dive into the pool "just to save a little hedgehog"

- When Chris hears the phone ring, he looks at it sooner in the dub, but doesn't pick it up right after looking at it. In the original, after Sonic explains that he doesn't remember, Chris says "I see", then he pauses for a second when the phone rings and then looks at it and picks it up right away. Basically the "I see" is cut, but no time loss is noted here.

- A sign saying "BULL'S  OCKS" is blanked from behind the police officer describing Sonic on TV.

- Originally when the TV cuts to the shot of Cream and Cheese on the billboard, it says "ICE EXPRESS". In the dub, it's replaced with a blab of blue.

- In the original, Sonic says "Shit! Let's go" after the cameras reactivate. In Japan, "shit" is not considered as "bad" as it is in English, it is more akin to "darn" or "shoot". In the dub, this is simply modified into "Cream, hang on!"

- The scene where the laser cameras are out of control and that guy is saying he's lost control of them is switched around. Originally, the guy told us what was happening first and then the cameras were shown being erratic, but in the dub, the cameras go out of control and then the guy explains.

- Tails' line explaining that he's Sonic's friend (right before Sonic says "Coooorrect" in the dub) is shorter, but then right after that, the camera stays on Sonic for longer in the dub, so there's no time loss.

- As Tails and Chuck are conversing, in the original Chris spoke to Sonic in the background, saying it was dangerous etc; Sonic doesn't listen.

- When the characters flash back to Eggman in that shot from Episode 1 (holding the red Emerald), his lips are moving in the original, but in the dub they're not. Also, the original mentions Knuckles and Amy being there too, but the dub doesn't.

- At the very end of the episode, showing Eggman's base, Eggman correctly states that "We were transported into this world by Chaos Control" (but he still could mean the base... the base sent him here? It can go either way with that line) but later in the series the mistake will reer its ugly head again.