"Hoshi no Umareru Tokoro"
(The Place Where the Planets Were Born)
Production: March 1, 2005
"La Renaissance des Planètes"
(The Rebirth of Planets)
April 18, 2005
"So Long Sonic"
May 6, 2006

Japanese vs. French:
Animation Changes Comparison

As many may know, there are animation changes between the French and Japanese versions of the episodes.
The French version was an earlier animation copy of the episode.
It was not meant to actually be broadcasted, but France recieved the masters like this.
This animation comparison is to compare these changes.

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- The format of this comparison is: French picture on the left, Japanese on the right.

- As the Chaotix eat food, Vanilla's expression is changed from a frown in the French version to a slight, uneasy smile in the Japanese version. In addition, her eye outlines are somewhat modified.

- In the Japanese version when Vanilla and Vector are walking together, Vector's snout/mouth opens and closes a little the whole time he talks, while the French mouth/snout opens and stays open as he talks.

- The episode title is changed. In the French version, it pans up from Sonic overlooking the ocean to the Sonic head, but in the Japanese version, it just gets all watercolory and the Sonic head appears. The first shot before the pan in the French version is just the second picture shown here, but without the watercolor and the Sonic head.

- Outside Eggman's base, the waves/surf are changed from simple, boring waves in the French version to dynamic, nice waves in the Japanese version

- After Eggman sees Rouge inside the Crimson Egg, there's a duplicate shot of the waves shown in the change above, but the French version is mirrored horizontally.

- In a far-out view of the X-Tornado in Tails' "hangar", you can see more of it in the Japanese version (i.e. not shadowed as much), and it appears to have changed shape.

- When a full body shot of Cosmo in a yellow light appears soon after the Lucus-Hertia scene and slightly before the scene below, Cosmo's dress moves differently between the two versions. In the Japanese version it sways back and forth at the same speed. In the French version, it's a bit more uneven, but more realistic. It's like the wind is blowing it right for a while, then suddenly blowing it to the left very quickly, then starts blowing it to the right again. For those who can't visualize this, let me show how the dress blows between the two, from the middle of Cosmo's dress (L = left, R = right):

> Japanese: R L R L R L R L R L R L R L R L
> French: R R R L R R R L R L R R R L R L R R R L R R
> Thanks to Super_Sonic for noticing this.

- It appears that Tails' tears as he cries for Cosmo before her spirit appears are slightly different. The French are thicker, the Japanese are clearer.

- As Cosmo's spirit approaches Tails, she leans in once, stops, and after this is where the change is. Japanese Cosmo leans in a second time and stops again, and slowly leans forward again while fading out. The French Cosmo does lean in a second time, but does not stop, and begins to fade in closer to Tails than the Japanese version. During this scene, French Tails' tears disappear for a second, but not in the Japanese version. (JPN = Japanese, FR = French)

JPN Stops 2nd Time
FR Fadeout Point
JPN Fadeout Point
FR Tears Gone

- Most of the scene with Super Sonic and Super Shadow has the color of Space changed. In the Japanese version, it's a vibrant blue and white color, with what seem to be trees (the same background that Lucus and Hertia are seen in), but in the French version, it's just plain black space.

- The background behind Adult Cosmo after Super Sonic and Shadow do Chaos Regeneration is changed from a black background in the French version to a yellow-ish background in the Japanese version:

- An odd animation in the French version that's NEVER been done before in the entire Sonic X series: Decoe and Bocoe's "mouths" move! Yes, the yellow and the silver parts where their mouth would be are moving in the French version! This, of course, does not happen in the Japanese version.

- After Shadow knocks Sonic out and uses Chaos Control, a French yellow ball is changed into a Japanese white ball, the yellow ball being more intense than the white one. However, in a scene a few seconds later, the French version's ball is the same as the Japanese version, white and small! Also, in the French version, you can see stars moving in the background, but in the Japanese version, the stars are still!

- What look to be green outlets on the front of the Crimson Egg are missing in the French version:

- Tails' eye pupils are different between the two versions. The French version looks like they have a blue hue (first two) and then no "shines" (second two), while the Japanese version looks like the normal anime pupil:

- As Tails wails in front of Sonic, shooting stars in the background are missing in the French version.

- Eggman's seat aboard the Crimson Egg is different in one scene, although it's the same as the Japanese version in every other scene:

- A red anger vein/indicator from Bokkun in the French version is changed to a Japanese blue vein, barely noticable:

- As Eggman's Transport Egg lifts off and Bokkun runs up to it, reflecting coloring on Decoe and Bocoe are missing in the French version (but are there everywhere else in this episode):

- Chris' tears while in the Transport Egg are much thicker than the Japanese version. In some shots, it looks like the French version has multiple streams of tears that start and stop, while the Japanese version has one continuous stream:

- After Sonic says "I won't forgive you, Eggman!" at the very end of the episode, we see a pot that supposedly has Cosmo's seed planted in it, rings from the Japanese version are missing in the French version. In addition, the little computer console in the background and the green light are higher up in the Japanese version

- The texture/style of the dirt in Cosmo's pot is different, and the rings are still missing:

- As (supposedly) the Transport Egg rockets through space, a blue sort of "residue" left behind by the engine is missing in the French version. However, a "shimmer"/"flash"/"sparkle" sound effect that is likely associated with this residue is in the French version.

- Shading and lighting changes throughout the episode:
> Destroyed Sonic Driver had more shading/"destroyed" looks
> Crimson Egg-Blue Typhoon combo while stars are flying by is brighter than the French version
> Seat of the Transport Egg has more shading in one shot (and looks to have changed color from white to blue in another shot)