"Nazo no Seimeitai KAOSU"
(The Mystery of the Liquid Lifeform Chaos)
"A Chaotic Day"
8/31/04 (UK)
9/25/04 (US)

Nothing to comment on again!

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

3/2:06 - Knuckes talking, right before the dub cuts into the early flashback
3/3:46 - Slow panout from Knuckles' face right after the flashback
1/4:00 - Shot of Big holding a coffee cup, about to flashback onto Froggy's tail scene
2/4:14 - Chaos before it jumps into Froggy's throat in the flashback
1/4:26 - Big looking at Froggy, Chaos having just jumped down his throat in the flashback
2/6:39 - Camera out on the sea, looking toward Mystic Ruins
1/7:05 - Very closeup shot of the X-Tornado
3/7:53 - A sped-up zoomin to the Casino area
3/7:59 - A shot of the Casinopolis "CASINO" sign
2/8:34 - Shot of the floor inside Casinopolis as Knuckles and the policeman walk
2/10:40 - Sonic and Tails walking thru Mystic Ruins before a strong gust of wind almost blows Tails away
1/10:53 - Pan of some mountains Mystic Ruins before they find the Emerald hidden in the ground
2/11:11 - Sonic, having jumped in the air, aiming toward the ground to get the Emerald
1/11:25 - A Chaos Emerald beam from far away
2/14:17 - Chaos (4) as bubbles before he reforms
1/15:07 - Sonic in his spin-ball, heading for Chaos 4
1/15:09 - Sonic getting closer to Chaos 4
5/15:54 - Eggman heading up into the Egg Carrier
2/16:51 - Turrets on the Egg Carrier firing on the X-Tornado
1/18:49 - Tails walking in his dream
1/19:18 - Tails before jumping into the Tornado in his dream
1/19:29 - A group of robots approaching Sonic/Tails in Tails' dream
1/19:51 - Tails on the Thorndyke couch before opening his eyes
4/20:17 - Shot of the Egg Carrier firing on TV

- The flashback to Angel Island is moved to a few seconds before it flashbacked in the original (if that made any sense). Also, the dub intro is placed in the middle of the flashback, so a scene from earlier in the original episode is moved to later in the dub version. In the original, the flashback was all one part, but in the dub, it's two.

- 4 second cut of everyone sitting around, Big going "Eeeeehhhhhhh"

- Dub Knuckles narrates the first part of the flashback before the dub intro; there were no voices in the original.

- The dub dialogue in Big's flashback is inconsistent with the actual dub Episode 27 dialogue. For example, in Episode 27, Dub Big goes "Uh, what's the matter little buddy?", but in the Episode 28 flashback to 27, he goes "Hey, you find another one Froggy?"

- 14 second cut of the cops firing their guns at Chaos, a flashback to Episode 27. If you want to see shots from this scene, check Episode 27's comparison.

- 12 second cut of a shot of Cream/Chesse/Ella, Ella saying "Sonic and the others will find it [the Chaos Emerald]. Everything will be alright", Cream going "But I'm still worried...", and Ella patting Cream's head saying "There there"

- The words "CASINO" are removed from the Casinopolis entrance. I don't see why 4kids is doing this, because "CASINO" is supposed to be there in Sonic Adventure 1.

- Tikal and Pachacamac's dub voices are pretty good. Tikal's voice is different than how it was in both airings of Episode 17, which is good.

- 6 second cut of Sonic trying to punch out the glass on the Egg Hornet.

- Of course, the X-Tornado gunfire and the fire from the turrets on the Egg Carrier have been changed to laser SFX. This time, the laser sounds are pretty unrealistic.

- 2 second cut of Tails noticing that a huge laser blast is heading right for the X-Tornado, right before it strikes and destroys one of its wings.

- 1 second addition of Tails laying down with a bandage on his head right before his dream/flashback. This is done to show the kids that it's a dream.

- A lighter "omg it's a flashback" border is added to Tails' dream/flashback. This border is much thicker later in the series. Of course, the gunfire from the Tornado is changed into laser fire.

- When Tails wakes up, he thinks in the dub "Sonic! We did it! We stopped the robots!". Although this wasn't in the original, it feels right and adds a good ending to the scene.

- 4 second cut of a TV shot of emergency workers carrying a guy out on a stretcher

- "1969drip" is erased from a sign:

- "WELL COME" sign inside a window is blanked:

- Of course, 4kids had to redub Lily's voice, and now it sucks.

- "ddd GGG FFF", "WOW", "SHOP", "[AN]TIQUE SHOP", "BOOK SHOP", and part of a green sign is blanked:

- ZERO's dub voice is great.