"Wazawari no Hajimari"
(The Beginning of the Disaster)
"Pure Chaos"
8/30/04 (UK)
9/18/04 (US)

Nothing to comment on!

- SCENE-SHORTENERS (second count per each)/(time of cut [original Japanese version; one episode is usually around 24:34 long]):

4/2:20 - Various snippets in the forest before we Big and Froggy
1/2:30 - The Chaos Emerald falling to Earth
1/3:41 - Big looking at Froggy before he grows a tail
1/4:01 - Station Square before we see the President's plane
1/4:04 - The President's plane from the outside
1/5:24 - Shot of the last set of Stewart's photos
1/6:34 - Chris running out the front door of the Thorndyke mansion to go to school
2/6:37 - Chris stopping to look up
2/7:05 - Shot of Amy in her apartment, listening to Scarlet Garcia
2/7:16 - Pan of random buildings outside Amy's window
1/7:22 - Amy with her head lowered
3/8:16 - Amy walking in her apartment and listening to Scarlet Garcia
1/8:50 - The door opening so the E-Series can try target practice on Sonic dolls
2/9:15 - Decoe and Bocoe talking about the E-Series before they shake hands
1/9:47 - Shot of E-101 Beta
2/9:57 - Shot of E-103 Delta
2/10:00 - Shot of E-104 Epsilon
4/10:25 - Various snippets as we are shown the area where the Egg Carrier comes out of the water
2/10:34 - Pan of the CG Egg Carrier (CG makes things look really fake/stupid in this case)
1/11:08 - The Egg Carrier having just transformed, right before both version's commercials
2/11:37 - Shot of the area where Chris/Cream/Lindsey are before Lindsey gives the yellow Emerald to Cream
1/12:30 - Cream and Chris looking at the yellow Emerald
1/13:31 - Shot of a lamppost, sunset sky coloring in the background
1/13:55 - Big with a tear in his eye before talking
1/14:01 - Big talking before wiping his tear
1/14:24 - Pan of a city street while everyone's searching for Froggy
1/14:28 - Big looking down a manhole into the sewer
1/15:54 - Wideshot of a crowd, police with barriers, cars, and Chaos before popping out of the manhole
1/17:02 - Sonic's feet as his jumps in the air to smack Chaos with them
1/17:37 - Chaos having just slipped into the sewer before Eggman's spotlight appears
2/19:03 - Knuckles with his back to the camera, talking to Eggman
1/20:40 - Knuckles being shocked by Chaos' electricity
2/21:23 - Shot of Chaos before Knuckles comes into the picture trying to break through Chaos' electric barrier
5/21:46 - Chaos laying completely still after Sonic generates that electric thing-storm and goes right through him...of note, a puddle that begins to form from the water is cut.
2/21:55 - Shot of Eggman after Chaos is destroyed
1/22:06 - Shot of Eggman before beaming up Chaos
1/22:17 - Shot of everyone from behind after Eggman beams up Chaos and escapes
1/22:26 - Shot of Big
1/22:30 - Shot of Cheese sitting down

- 38 second cut - The first scene too. We see the moon, a city with darkness closing in on it caused by cloud cover, and bunch of people on the street. We then see Angel Island falling and creating a wave. During this, Tikal the Echidna is speaking: "The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power. Power enriched by the heart. The controller is the one who unifies the Chaos. Don't interfere with the seas of Chaos. Young water..."

- 4kids has Kaeru-kun (Froggy) say "ribbit" in a bad, strange voice. Japanese Kaeru-kun just croaks.

- Dub Big's voice is pretty good.

- 4kids adds a "quick star-shine" SFX when Froggy snatches the Emerald.

- 1 second cut of a set of pictures Mr. Stewart has, Cream and Chris, and another with Tails

- 2 second cut of Cheese hitting his stomach before getting a piece of toast

- Scene cut of Chuck drinking some coffee, and another shot of him facing a slightly different direction, but no time loss.

- 2 second cut of Chris coughing on the drink he was drinking.

- When Sonic is whistling atop that mountain in the original he starts whistling then stops three times. In the dub, it's one long whistle.

- When Chuck comments on the food Ella made, Dub Ella says Chuck will never know her secret recipee; the Japanese Ella said "Thank you, old Master". The dub is pretty rude (in Japan)

- In Amy's flashbacks, Amy and Sonic's mouths moved sometimes. In the 4kids version, none of the mouths move at all!

- When Amy yells out of her apartment window, she original goes "Sonikku no baaaaaaakaaaaaaaaaa" (Sonic, you idiot). In the dub, Amy shouts "Sonic where ARREEEEEEE YOUUUUUU". Also, the voice after she says this originally said "Shut up, be quiet!", but the dub voice is (in a horrible accent) "Hey, keep it down, I ain't afraid to call the authorities". Also, Dub Amy says she's sorry, but Japanese Amy doesn't.

- 4kids redubs the Flicky's chirps, which, of course, sound worse than the original.

- When Decoe and Bocoe name the E-Series, they [E-Series] originally repeated their names, but they don't in the dub.

- After Decoe and Bocoe are done giving the E-Series names, Dub Eggman goes "As far as the names go, it's all Greek to me! Now to create a bit of Chaos!". In the original he said "The development of these robots is finally completed. It's now your time to show up."

- As Eggman holds up the red Chaos Emerald after launching the Egg Carrier, Dub Eggman goes "I'm back, and this time, nothing will stand in my way!". This line is good and the delivery is great.

- 2 second cut of Cream reacting to Lindsey's yellow Chaos Emerald

- In the original, Lindsey tells Cream to take off "that old dress", but in the dub it's "that dreadful bunny costume"

- In the dub, Lindsey is called back to the studio because they have to "recast the dog", but in the original, it's just going back to do normal movie production.

- 3 second cut of Cream running into a door and having an upskirt shot shown. As a result of this, Cream's dialogue as Lindsey leaves and she runs after her is changed from "Mama-san, this...!" to "Thank you very much!". Lindsey interrupts Cream in the original saying "Say 'hi' to your father for me", but nothing from Lindsey in the dub.

- In the original, Chris said that "You're looking for the frog that ran away just now, aren't you?", and Big says "He's not 'frog' [kaeru], he's FROGGY [kaeru-kun]". Since this would obviously not translate well at all, 4kids changes this to "But there's just one thing, that isn't Froggy!"

- 3 second cut of a bush (Big thinks Froggy is in it)

- Originally when Sonic is on the roof of a building in the city whistling, right after that he goes "Greeeeeat! I got us cooking da ne!", but in the dub this is changed to "Alright! Thought I was gone for good, didn't ya?"

- 3 second cut of people pushing into each other, before Chaos pops out of a manhole

- 12 second cut of the police offers firing upon Chaos, the bullets getting stopped inside his body, then falling to the ground. In the dub, Chaos walks toward the officers and they just run away. What cowards!

- Dub Eggman pun when Chaos absorbs the Chaos Emerald and grows: "He sure grows on you, doesn't he?", and then another one later when Chaos shocks Sonic and Knuckles: "He's shocking, isn't he?"

- Everybody in the dub keeps saying that Chaos is "a new form of pure chaos"...they don't know that his NAME is Chaos.

- 1 second cut of a building falling with shadows that can be portrayed as people inside it.