I write things. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're bad, and sometimes I forget about them and never update them.

So far I have written 8 stories.

Infinite- or should I say, Zero- is stranded. Ruby-less and in the middle of a Resistance stronghold. He will do whatever it takes to survive.
Sonic, meanwhile, goes for a run down his favorite forest trail when he notices a seemingly new section of the trail that wasn't there a while ago. He follows the new trail, even if he's never been this deep in the forest before...
They were destined to meet. But will Sonic be able to forgive Zero for what Infinite did? Will Zero be able to forgive himself for what Infinite did?

Zero's been a mercenary for a long time. During this time, he's obtained many a potion. Whether he made it himself or got it as payment for a mission, Zero has plenty of elixirs. Maybe, Amy could convince him of her plight?
Amy gets a love potion from Zero and tries to use it on Sonic. The potion works when it is in effect, but will Sonic be able to forgive her for manipulating him once it wears off?
(It's gonna get REAL messy at the end if it goes where I think it's going.)

Short Shadamy songfic based on "Found" from the Steven Universe movie.

Charmander bashfully goes off with a Farfetch'd and a Nidoran♂ into the Sinister Woods to complete a rescue mission. Machop can't believe it. The possibility of finding out about Charmander's past lies in the Great Canyon, and his friend would rather go complete a standard rescue mission?
When Charmander and his party get knocked out by an Ampharos, it's up to Machop, Poochyena, and the other Nidoran♂ of the rescue team to save them. Can it be done? Or will Charmander's future end before his past can be revealed?
When all is said and done, somebody will tell the story of tonight.
(Based on a real situation I found myself facing in Rescue Team DX. I bent the rules a little to allow for a Machop-Charmander confrontation at the end.)

"Amy would never do such a thing!"
"How dare you say that about poor Amy!"
Amy leaves, and Sonic is overjoyed. But why?

Rise J. Adams is an intelligent navy blue hedgehog who taught himself everything he knows. He admires Sonic and company but thinks they will never accept him due to his social awkwardness. He eventually is given the chance to join the team after rescuing them when a battle with Eggman went awry. Will he fit in, or will he be too awkward?

Small fanfic about a LapisxOC relationship in a human AU. Never really went anywhere. As good as cancelled unless I get more motivation.

A small fic that was eventually going to bloom into Lapidot relationships. I honestly don't think I'll ever finish it.