"Ansatsusha Shadou"
(Assassin Shadow)
Production: 12/6/04
"Qu'Arrive-t-il à Shadow?"
(What's Happening to Shadow?)
"The Cosmo Conspiracy"

This was one of the more exciting episodes, in both versions. The dub seems to like
to avoid anything that has to do with the word "death", changing it to "get rid of".

- Dub Tails says there's a problem with the security system. In the original, it was shut off by Tails for a few seconds.

- 4 second cut of a closeup of Cosmo in bed.

- A VERY odd change by 4kids. When the security system alarm goes off, Chris is ORIGINALLY shown in his chair. In the dub, a scene from Episode 60 is inserted (Chris is in bed 'dreaming' about Shadow when Tails wakes him up with a red light and beep because he found a Chaos Emerald). This inserted screen is then redenned. No time loss/gain is noted. Oddly enough, from the scene inserted from Episode 60, Chris still has one of Shadow's Power Rings right next to his bed. How inconsistent, 4kids! You could have painted it away!

The Cut
Episode 60
Episode 73

- In the original, Tails specifically mentions that there's an intruder in Zone 12, Cosmo's room. Dub Tails just says there's an intruder on the ship, not specifically where. How do Chris, Sonic, and Tails know to go to Cosmo's room? Do they just make a good guess?

- Shadow's first line is changed from "You will die!" to "You traitor!"

- In the original, Amy tells Knuckles via the wristwatch to go after Shadow. In the dub, she tells him NOT to go find Shadow, but to find Tails and Cosmo, and "that's an order". When Knuckles DOES go after Shadow, it seems like Knuckles didn't listen to Amy.

- In the original, the computer voice Shadow accesses with a portable device is female, human and soft on the ears. In the dub, it's male and robot-like, hard on the ears. Later, when the computer accesses the cameras, the original just said "Surveillance camera", but the dub says "Bypass code Six-Delta-Three"

- Originally when Rouge appeared behind Knuckles after Shadow busted a pipe and ran off, she said nothing. In the dub, she says "Are all redheads as temperamental as you?", and her 4kids theme music plays.

- Just a little note here: In the original, I don't think Shadow, in the anime, ever calls Sonic nor any of his friends by their names. He also rarely does it in the videogames. In the dub, Shadow calls Tails by his name, saying "I don't wanna fight you Tails". Later, it's the same thing with Knuckles, I don't think he ever calls Rouge by her name, only "omoi" (you), but he does in the dub: "I'm not kidding around, Rouge!"

- Double-Dub-Rouge-Pun, one right after the other: "I'm surprised you and your spaced-out crewmates haven't figured that out for yourselves." and then "That girl Cosmo is a real plant, in more ways than one"

- A good dub line by Rouge, after Knuckles asks her if she can communicate with Shadow: "Does that make you feel jealous?"

- All throughout this episode there are tons of mouth-movement differences between the two versions, but no time losses other than what I note.

- Originally, the lasers that fire on Shadow as he climbs up the shaft after Tails and Cosmo are shoot-to-kill. In the dub, they're "stun lasers".

- A weird dub line by Knuckles, can't tell if it's a pun, after Shadow tells Knuckles that stopping him was a mistake: "I've always want to Shadow-box!"

- 33 second cut of Shadow getting weak and dropping to his hands, Rouge coming by and saying Knuckles managed to remove his Power Rings, Shadow putting the rings back on, and walking to the door that Tails and Cosmo run through.

- In the original, Cosmo asks Shadow who ordered him to kill her. Shadow said no one did, he decided on it himself. In the dub, Cosmo asks Shadow why he wants to "get rid of" her, and Shadow says he has a good reason, but he won't tell her.

- A good dub vocal expression when Tails shuts the door on Shadow (the one containing the Sonic Driver platform): "Do you seriously believe a door can stop me?!" Dub Shadow's voice is beautiful here.

- In the original, Shadow was forced into a ball inside the Sonic Driver (I think); in the dub he says "I'll spin free!"

- The Sonic Driver is still called the Sonic Power Cannon. In the original, Tails says "Sonikku Douraibaa Kinkyuu Hassaa" (Sonic Driver Emergency Fire), but in the dub it's "Activate Sonic Power Cannon NOW!"

- Because the dub music is too loud in the Sonic Driver sequence and/or the SFX weren't overlayed well, you can't hear the Sonic Driver getting ready to fire. In the original, it makes a much higher pitched sound than when Sonic is fired from it. You can't hear it at all in the dub.

- This might be a little hard to explain. In the original, after Shadow is fired from the Sonic Driver, Knuckles suddenly notices that he's gone (like he can feel Shadow's energy), while laying on the floor. The dub inserts the scene where Knuckles looking at the wristwatch on his (moving) arm, with Cream on it. However, his arm doesn't move at all, and Cream's expression (which was of concern when she called him earlier), does not match this mood or her voice at all ("It's OK, Tails shot Shadow into space"). No time loss is noted.

- 114 second cut (1 minute 54 seconds). Rouge pulls the device Leon gave her out of her cleavage, and then there's a flashback to when they found Leon in the last episode. Then, Rouge explains that it was like that when they went to other worlds. In one of the "other worlds", Rouge says "This is the Metarex planet?", Shadow goes "This world...is dead", Rouge says "Your memory is gone, how do you know it's a dead world?", Shadow goes "I DON'T know, but, I can't think that this world is good", and the flashback ends, leaving Knuckles to say "So why are you trying to kill Cosmo?"

- In the original, Rouge just says to Knuckles that the answers to his questions are in the device. In the dub, Rouge busts out with a spoiler saying "COSMO is the real enemy, not Shadow."

- All of Shadow's punches are kept, but it seems that the "punch marks" are not:

- For most of this episode, Shadow has a cut/bruise next to his left eye, and 4kids either doesn't notice it or decides to keep it (I'm going with 'didn't notice'):

- The broken glass scene is kept (which is somewhat unlike 4kids), but there's really no other way they could have wormed around it.

- 2 second scene shortening-cut of Cosmo's face during her flashback to when the EvilShip attacks.

- Originally, Cosmo repeated "I don't want to die"

- For some odd reason, the "omg it's a flashback" border is added to a scene after the flashback, probably because in the dub, Cosmo is still remembering (in the original, it could be either that or Dark Oak is talking to her in the present), but the Cosmo in this scene is in the present, aboard the Blue Typhoon. The dub added this because dub Dark Oak talks as if it was the past ("will be mine, will be known").

- The dub Dark Oak's dialogue is pretty much just like the original: "Your eyes will be my eyes, your ears will be my ears", and calling her "White Seed". The only thing is that in the original, he doesn't say "You will be the ultimate spy", and "your codename will be..."

- In the original, Cosmo screams "NOOOOOO!", but in the dub it's just a scream.

- Is it just me, or is Shadow's head abnormally huge in the preview for Ep 74? This is the same as in the original version (last 2-3 minutes of Ep 74). In addition, Dub Rouge narrates this preview, which has never been done before.